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Besides Books, Name Something You'd Find In Most School Libraries. Computer
Besides Bread, Name Something You Put In The Toaster. Bagels
Besides CBS, Name A TV Channel That Starts With The Letter C. CNN
Besides Cheer, Name Something Fans Do At A Baseball Game. Eat
Besides Christmas, Name A Holiday Most People Get Off From Work. Thanksgiving
Besides Christmas, Tell Me A Holiday That Kids Get Off From School. Thanksgiving
Besides Clothes, Name Something People Pack In Their Suitcase When Traveling. Toothbrush
Besides Clothes, Name Something That Has A Zipper. Purse
Besides Dishes, Name Something You Might Put In Your Dishwasher. Pot And Pans
Besides eggs, name something people put in egg salad. Mayonnaise
Besides Fish, Name Something Sold At A Tropical Fish Store. Aquarium
Besides Fly, Name Soemthing Birds Do A Lot Of. Poo
Besides Food, Name Something A Caterer Brings With Them To A Job. Silverware
Besides Food, Name Something With An Expiration Date On The Package. Beverages
Besides Football Games, Name An Event That Might Be Held In A Football Stadium. Baseball
Besides Hamburger, Name An Ingredient You'd Find In Hamburger Helper. Noodles
Besides His Bicycle, Name Something A Cyclist Might Take With Him On A Ride. Water
Besides hot dogs, name something you'd need for a weenie roast. Buns
Besides Lettuce, Name Something A Restaurant Might Put In A Dinner Salad. Tomato
Besides Math, Name The Most Difficult Subject In School. Science
Besides Numbers, Name A Button On A Calculator. Plus
Besides Olive Oyl, Name Someone We Associate With Popeye. Bluto/Brutus
Besides Pizza, Name Something A Pizza Place Might Serve. Bread/Cheese Sticks
Besides Sand, Name Something You’D Need To Make A Sand Castle. Water
Besides Shoes, Name Something People Buy For Their Feet. Socks
Besides Skis, Name Something People Use On A Ski Slope. Snowboard
Besides stores, name something else you'd find in a shopping mall. Restaurant
Besides Students, Name Something You See In Most High School Hallways. Lockers
Besides Swimming, Name A Popular Ocean Activity. Fishing
A Real Man Would Breakup With His Girlfriend In Person. Tell Me A Way A Coward Might Do It. By Phone
Besides a napkin, name something a person uses to wipe their mouth. Sleeve
Besides A Plane, Name Something People Take To The Air In. Helicopter
Besides A Rose, Name A Type Of Flower A Man Might Give To A Woman. Carnation
Besides Alcohol, Name Something A Bartender Might Put In A Drink. Ice
Besides black, name a color of belt given in karate. Green
Besides Books, Name Something People Read. Magazines
Besides Syrup, Name Something Kids Love To Put Their Pancakes. Butter
Besides tennis, name something people associate with Andre Agassi. Brooke Shields
Besides Thanksgiving, Name A Holiday You Celebrate With A Lot Of Food. Christmas
Besides The Actors, Tell Me Someone Whose Name Appears At The End Of The Movie. Director
Besides The Bride And Groom, Name The Most Important Person At A Wedding. Clergy Person
Besides The Fighters, Name Someone You Might See At A Boxer's Match. Referee
Besides The King, Name Someone You Would Probably Have Seen In A Medievel Castle. Queen
Besides the top of his head, name a part of a man's body that grows hair. Chest
Besides Tomatoes, Name Something You Sometimes Find In Spaghetti Sauce. Mushroom
Besides Toys, Name Something A Kid Might Receive At Christmas. Clothes
Besides Weights, Name A Good Gift For A Body Builder. Body Oil
After how many months of pregnancy does a woman begin to show. 4 months
After Thanksgiving, Name A Food You Make All Of The Leftover Turkey. Turkey Sandwich
Alive Or Dead, Name An Author Of Scary Stories. Stephen King
As Early As October, How Can You Tell Christmas Is Coming? Gets Cold Out
At a wedding, name someone the bride always dances with. Groom
At The Dinner Table, What Food Do Kids Most Like To Play With? Vegetables
Besides A Bird, Name An Animal That Has Claws. Cat
Besides A Diaper, Name Something You Might Need When Changing A Baby. Wipes
Besides Cigarettes, Name Something A Tobacco Store Might Sell. Cigars
Besides Stamps, Name Something You Can Buy At A Post Office. Envelopes
Besides Big, Name A Movie With The Word Big In The Title. Big Daddy
Besides Sugar, Name A Food That Someone Might Be Called As A Term Of Affection. Honey
Besides Family Feud” name a game show who has returning champions”. Jeopardy
Besides A Bird, Name An Animal That Has Claws. Cat
Besides A Bird, Name Something You'd Find In A Birdcage. Bird Seed
Besides a birthday, name a reason you'd send someone a greeting card. Christmas
Besides A Car, Name Something That Has Rubber Tires On It. Bicycles
Besides A Cow, Name Something Milk Comes From. Goat
Besides a Delorean, what car would you use for a time machine? Corvette
Besides A Hospital, Name Another Place A Nurse Might Get A Job. Convalescent Home
Besides A Motorcycle, Name Something Every Biker Dude Should Have. Helmet
Besides White Christmas, Name A Song On Bing Crosby's White Christmas Album. Jingle Bells
Besides your feet, name a part of your body you move while dancing. Hips
Early in a relationship, what might someone do to play hard to get? Not Call
Even Though He's Normally Jolly, Name A Gripe Santa Claus Might Have About A House He's Delivering Toys To. Small Chimney
Give me a nursery rhyme with the word old” in the title. Old Macdonald
Give Me A Slang Term You'd Use To Describe A Really Good-Looking Guy. Fine
Give me another term for mother. Mom
How Can You Tell A Child And Parent Are Related On The Street? Holding Hands
How Can You Tell That The Ghost Haunting Your House Is A Comedian? Always Laughing
How Can You Tell That Two People Are On A First Date. Seem Nervous
How Can You Tell That Your Neighbors Are Out-Of-Town. Lights Off
How many credit cards does the average person have? 3
How Many Days After Christmas Do People Take Down Their Decorations? 7
How Many Pairs Of Shoes Does The Average Man Own. 4
How many times does the average person let a phone ring before answering it? 2
How Many Toys Does A Child Get For The Holidays? 10
How Might An Employer Find Out About An Applicant Even Before The Interview? Resume
How Would You Enter A Swimming Pool If You Wanted To Get Noticed. Dive
If A Bachelor Had To Suddenly Take Care Of A Baby, Name Something He Would Have To Learn How To Do Quickly. Change Diapers
If A Bachelor Had To Suddenly Take Care Of A Baby, Name Something He'd Have To Learn How To Do Fast. Change Diapers
If A Baseball Umpire Had A Talking Parrot, Name Something He Might Learn To Say. You're Out
If A Clown Had A Garage Sale, Name Something You'd Probably See For Sale. Red Nose
If A Grown Man Sat On Santa's Knee, Name Something He Might Tell Him He Wanted For Christmas. Car
If A Husband Found Out His Wife Had A Bad Day At Work, Name Something He Might Do To Make Her Feel Better. Cook Dinner
If A Man Goes By The Name Al, What Might It Be Short For? Albert
If A Ten-Year-Old Went On Strike, Name Something That Might Be Demanded From The Parents. Bigger Allowance
If A Woman Nicknamed Her Boyfriend Teddy Bear, What Might You Guess About Him. Big
If All Else Fails, Name Something People Get For Dad For The Holidays. Tie
If All Else Fails, Name Something People Get For Mom For The Holidays. Money
If Christmas Were In July, Name A Holiday Symbol That Wouldn't Exist. Snowman
If Frankenstein Threw A Party, Name Someone Who Might Be On His Guest List. Dracula
If Madonna Were To Make A Snowman, Name Something She Might Put On It. Pointy Bra
If Someone Turned You Upside Down, Name Something That Would Fall Out Of Your Pockets. Car Keys
If Students Ran The Schools, Name Something They Would Probably Get Rid Of. Teachers
If There Is A Doggy Heaven, Name Something It Probably Has A Lot Of. Bones
If There Was A Fire At The Zoo, Name An Animal A Fireman Would Have Trouble Carrying Out By Himself. Elephant
If They Did A Show Called Who Wants To Marry A Billionaire Name Someone They Might Get As The Groom. Donald Trump
If They Offered A Class On How To Be A Rock Star, Name Something They Might Teach You How To Do. Play Guitar
If They Sold A Hell's Angel Barbie, Name An Accessory They Might Sell With It. Motorcycle
If you could get rid of problems like you get rid of dust, how would you make problems disappear? Vacuum Them Away
If You Could Only Eat One Food For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be. Pizza
If You Could Stop Seeing Any Actor, Onscreen Or Off, Who Would It Be? Tom Cruise
If You Have An Unexpected Knock On The Door, Name One Thing You Do Before Answering. Ask Who It Is
If You Produced A Monster Movie, In Which City Would You Shoot It? New York
If You Ran Out Of Kleenex, Name Something You Might Wipe Your Nose With. Shirt Sleeve
If You Saw A Group Of People Moving In Synch, What Might They Be Doing. Dancing
If You Turned Into A Kangaroo, Name Something You'd Have To Get Used To. Hopping
If You Wanted To Break Out Of Jail, Name Something You Might Tell Your Mom To Bake In A Cake. File
If You Were Confronted By A Bear, Name Something You Could Do To Scare Him Off. Scream
If You Were Filling In For Santa, Name Something You'd Have To Learn How To Do. Say Ho Ho Ho
If You Were Going To Fill In For James Bond, Name Something You'd Have To Learn How To Do. Drive Fast
If You Were In A Forest Camping Out, Name A Sound That Might Keep You Up All Night. Bear Growling
If You Were Invited To Speak At A Roast For Arnold Schwarzenegger, Name Something About Him You Might Make Fun Of. Accent
If You Were Married To An NBA Star, What Might You Have To Get On Your Tip Toes To Do. Kiss
If You Were Running For President Of The United States, Tell Me An Issue You'd Be Expected To Take A Stand On. War
If You Were Starting Your Own Business, Tell Me The First Thing You'd Need. Money
If You Were Stranded At The Bottom Of The Grand Canyon, Name Something You Would Hope To Have With You. Water
If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island, Which Item Are You Embarrassed To Admit That You'd Want With You. Teddy Bear
If you were turned into a bee, name something you'd have to learn how to do. Make Honey
If You Were Turned Into A Spider, Name Something You'd Have To Learn How To Do. Spin A Web
If your car could talk, name something it might complain about. Driving Too Fast
If Your Car Had A Brain, What Might It Advise You Not To Do. Speed
If Your Cat Went On Strike, Name Something He Might Demand Before Returning To Work As Your Pet? Better Food
If your husband had his say, what activity would he want you to do on a romantic date? Go To Sporting Event
If Your Husband Had His Say, What Activity Would He Want You To Do On A Romantic Date? Sports Game
If your lawn could talk, name something it might complain about. Needs Water
If Your Purse Was Stolen, Tell Me The One Thing In It That Would Be Hardest To Replace. Pictures
In a quiet library, name a sound you still might hear. Whispers
In Addition To A Resume, What might An Actor Need To Send When Applying For A Job. Head Shots
In Old Movies, Name Something That’S Done To Get A Performer To Leave The Stage. Boo
In one word, name something that causes many couples to break up. Cheating
In The Movies, Name Something Indians Wore That Cowboys Didn’T. Feathers
In What Profession Might Someone Have Their Legs Insured. Athlete
In which situation might someone tell a lie in order to look good? Job Interview
Instead of a white picket fence, what type of fence would you be surprised to find in someone's yard? Barbed Wire
Instead Of Walking, Name A Way To Get Around In Snowy Weather. Ski
Name a 2-word term that means the same as leave me alone. Go Away
Name A Bad Homemade Holiday Present. Fruitcake
Name a bad job for someone who's afraid of dogs. Dog Catcher
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who's Afraid Of Water. Lifeguard
Name A Bad Place For A Ball To Land On A Golf Course. Water
Name A Band Or Singer Living Or Dead With An Old CD You Want For The Holidays. Beatles
Name a baseball player who’s famous for hitting homeruns. Hank Aaron
Name a baseball team that has played in a lot of world series games. Yankees
Name A Beauty Procedure A Woman Wouldn't Do Herself. Plastic Surgery
Name A Beverage Served At Fancy Restaurants. Wine
Name a beverage that is popular during holiday parties. Eggnog
Name A Beverage You Can't Imagine Drinking On A Hot Day. Coffee
Name A Beverage You Might Drink At A Typical Holiday Party. Egg Nog
Name a bill where the amount changes every month. Electric
Name A Bird Usually Associated With Christmas. Dove
Name A Bird With Really Long Legs. Ostrich
Name A Board Game A Family Might Play Together. Monopoly
Name A Board Game People Give As A Holiday Gift. Monopoly
Name A Board Game You'd Like To Get As A Gift. Monopoly
Name A Body Part That Begins With The Letter L”. Leg
Name A Body Part That Often Gets Broken. Arm
Name a body part, below the neck, that you'd have a hard time 'pumping up' at the gym. Feet
Name A Book That’s Found In Most People’s Homes. Bible
Name A Brand Of Beer They Sell At Ever Bar. Budweiser
Name A Brand Of Laundry Detergent You Can Buy At Any Grocery Store. Tide
Name a brand of wristwatch sold in every department store. Timex
Name A Bug That Has Many Legs. Centipede
Name a business that might be very busy on Valentine’s Day. Florist
Name A Cable TV Channel That Is Watched Mostly By Kids. Nickelodeon
Name a card game that takes a long time to play. Poker
Name a card game that's popular with children. Go Fish
Name A Career Or Source Of Income That Makes Getting Into Heaven A Long Shot? Lawyer
Name A Cartoon Character That Can Fly. Dumbo
Name a cartoon character thats always chasing someone. Tom/Jerry
Name A Cartoon Character Who's Always Getting Hurt. Wile E Coyote
Name A Cartoon Character Whose Head You Might Find At The Top Of A Pez Dispenser. Bugs Bunny
Name A Cartoon TV Show That Everyone's Seen. Simpsons
Name A Casino Game Most People Don't Know All The Rules To. Poker
Name A Celebrity Who Is Often Or Always Known By Only One Name. Madonna
Name A Celebrity Who Spends More Time In Commercials Than On The Big Screen. Jessica Simpson
Name A Celebrity, Living Or Dead, Who Epitomizes Christmas. Bing Crosby
Name A Chain Of Gas Stations. Texaco
Name a character from Sesame Street that kids love. Big Bird
Name A Child Actor Who Is Still Acting Or Working In Hollywood As An Adult. Drew Barrymore
Name A Christmas Song People Are Tired Of. Jingle Bells
Name A Christmas Song That Everyone Knows The Words To. Jingle Bells
Name A Christmas Story That A Parent Might Read To Their Child . Night Before Xmas
Name A Circumstance That People Say Only Happens To One In A Million. Winning Lottery
Name A Circus Act That Requires A Net. Trapeze Artist
Name A Circus Performer Who Can't Make A Single Mistake. Lion Tamer
Name A City In Florida. Miami
Name A City In The Us That People Visit For The Holidays. New York
Name A City That Has Great Sports Fans. St.
Name a city you recognize just by seeing a photo. New York City
Name A Class You Might Take If You Wanted To Go To Law School. Political Science
Name A Classic Pickup Line A Guy Might Use On A Girl. Haven't We Met Before
Name A Classic Video Game. Pac Man
Name A College Major That Ends In Ology. Biology
Name A College That Smart People Attend. Harvard
Name A College That Usually Has A GReat Football Team. UCLA
Name A Color A Teenager Might Dye Her Hair That Would Annoy Her Parents. Green
Name A Color Leaves Turn In The Fall. Orange
Name A Color Most People Wouldn't Want To Paint Their House. Black
Name A Color Of Underwear A Man Would Never Wear. Pink
Name A Comic Book Kids Love To Collect. Superman
Name A Comic Book Superhero Who Could Have Used A Little Therapy. Spider Man
Name A Common Holiday Craft. Make Ornaments
Name a company that makes really fast sports cars. Porsche
Name A Company That's Famous For Making Car Tires. Firestone
Name A Company Which Sends Out Special Holiday Catalog. Sears
Name A Complaint A Person Might Have About Their Dance Partner. Step On Feet
Name A Complaint People Have About Their Computers. Slow
Name A Complaint Someone Might Have About A Movie Theater Concession Stand. Too Expensive
Name A Complaint You Might Have About The Pizza That Was Just Ordered. Cold
Name A Complaint You Might Have About Your Dry Cleaners. Didn't Get Out
Name A Country That Has Lots Of Cafes. France
Name A Country That Produces A Lot Of Oil. Saudi Arabia
Name A Country That Was Involved In World War II. Germany
Name A Country That’S Known For A Brand Of Car. Germany
Name A Country You’d Hate To Win A Trip To. Iraq
Name a creature that doesn't have legs. Snake
Name A Creature That Sucks Blood. Vampire
Name A Dairy Item That’s Sold As Non-fat. Milk
Name A Dangerous Occupation Which Probably Shouldn't Observe Take Your Kids To Work Day. Police
Name A Department Store Where People Shop During The Holidays. Wal-Mart
Name A Dessert That's Served Hot. Pie
Name A Dessert You'd Find In Every Cafeteria. Jello
Name A Device With Buttons That You Don't Want Kids To Get A Hold Of. Remote Control
Name a difference between 2 people that would eventually cause them to break up. Religion
Name A Drink The Designated Driver Might Order. Soda
Name A Family Member You Might Have On Your Team When Playing Family Feud. Spouse
Name A Famous Dan. Dan Rather
Name A Famous Douglas. Michael
Name A Famous Newton”. Wayne
Name a famous athlete who's known all over the world. Michael Jordan
Name A Famous Book Of The Bible That People Study In Bible Class. Genesis
Name A Famous Boxing Movie. Rocky
Name a famous bridge. London
Name A Famous Carrie, Cary, Carey Or Carrey. Jim Carrey
Name A Famous Country Western Singer Living Or Dead. Garth Brooks
Name A Famous Doctor (Real Or Imaginary, Living Or Dead) You Would Not Want To Operate On You. Kevorkian
Name A Famous Elizabeth. Elizabeth Taylor
Name A Famous Fitness Guru. Billy Blanks
Name A Famous Group Of Three Characters. Three Stooges
Name A Famous Jennifer. Lopez
Name A Famous John. John Wayne
Name a famous male country-western singer living or dead. Garth Brooks
Name A Famous Man Named Tim. Tim Allen
Name a famous man who's known for having a deep voice. Barry White
Name a famous man whose first name is Glenn. Glenn Campbell
Name A Famous Man Whose Last Name Is Jones. Tom Jones
Name A Famous Movie Monster You Might See In A Black And White Film. Godzilla
Name a famous past or present singing duo. Sonny and Cher
Name a famous person living or dead named Judy. Judy Garland
Name A Famous Person Named John”. John F Kennedy
Name a famous person who has way too much money. Bill Gates
Name A Famous Person, Living Or Dead, With The Last Name Of Davis. Sammy Betty
Name A Famous Roger. Roger Rabbit
Name a famous Rosie. Rosie O'Donnell
Name a famous skyscraper. Empire State Building
Name a famous tower. Eiffel
Name A Famous TV Animal. Lassie
Name A Famous Washington. George Washington
Name A Famous Woman Named Sally. Sally Field
Name A Famous Woman Tennis Player. Venus Williams
Name A Famous Woman Who'd Probably Make Her Husband Sign A Pre-nuptial Agreement. Oprah
Name a fancy word for barber. Hair Stylist
Name A Fast Food Restaurant Kids Love. McDonalds
Name a feature you have in your car that a mother might like to have on her baby's stroller. Radio
Name A Feature You Might Have In Your Car That A Mother Might Like To Have On Her Baby's Stroller. Radio
Name A Fictional Character Who Hates The Holidays. Grinch
Name a fictional character with two identities. Superman
Name A Flavor Shot That You Wouldn't Want In Your Coffee. Strawberry
Name A Flavor That They Might Add To A Snow Cone. Cherry
Name A Flavor You’d Find In Any Ice Cream Shop. Vanilla
Name a food a restaurant might serve at happy hour. Wings
Name a food eaten at Hannukah. Potato Latkes
Name A Food Item Typically Associated With Fall. Pumpkin Pie
Name A Food People Are Allergic To. Peanuts
Name A Food People Often Eat With Champagne. Strawberries
Name a food served with melted butter on it. Baked Potato
Name a food that can be used to decorate a Christmas tree. Popcorn
Name A Food That Gets Chopped. Onions
Name A Food That Pregnant Women Supposedly Crave. Pickles
Name A Food That Tastes Great With Mayonnaise. Tuna
Name a food that's often breaded. Chicken
Name a food that's served with crackers. Cheese
Name A Food They Serve At The Circus. Cotton Candy
Name A Food You Can Cook On A Campfire. Hot Dogs
Name A Food You Might See A Chef Flipping. Pancakes
Name A Food You Might Wash Before Eating. Apple
Name a food you use a spatula for. Pancakes
Name A Food You'd Expect To Find At A Super Bowl Party. Chips And Dip
Name A Food You'd Serve As A Main Course And Use To Make Sandwiches The Next Day. Turkey
Name A Football Bowl Game. Super Bowl
Name A Foreign Country Known For Making Good Movies. France
Name A Form Of Transportation Only A Rich Person Could Own. Private Jet
Name A Form Of Transportation That Makes Very Little Noise. Bicycle
Name A Form Of Transportation You Wouldn't Want To Use In A Rain Storm. Motorcycle
Name A Fruit People Put In Cakes. Strawberries
Name A Fruit That Is Considered Tropical. Pineapple
Name A Fruit That Is Squeezed To Get The Juice. Orange
Name a fruit that's considered tropical. Pineapple
Name a fruit that's often served at a salad bar. Strawberries
Name a fruit that's often served on top of cereal. Banana
Name A Fruit That’s Green When It’s Ripe. Apple
Name A Fruit Used To Make Jelly. Grapes
Name A Fruit You Can Buy In The Frozen Food Section. Strawberries
Name A Fruit You Might Cut With A Knife Before Eating. Apple
Name A Fruit You Might Find In A Pastry. Strawberry
Name A Gambling Game Where You Bet On A Certain Number Coming Up. Lotto
Name A Game A Family Plays At An Annual Holiday Gathering. Charades
Name A Game Kids Play Where They Choose Sides. Baseball
Name a game played in the pool. Marco Polo
Name a game show who gives away a lot of money. Millionaire
Name A Gift A Child May Give To A Teacher For The Holidays. Apple
Name a gift a man might buy for a woman that she’d show off to her friends. Diamond ring
Name A Gift Children Create At School And Give Their Parents. Cards
Name A Gift That Is Often Re-Gifted. Clothes
Name A Gift That Most Women Like To Get. Jewelry
Name A Gift You Always Get More Than One Of. Socks
Name A Gift You Might Bring Back With You From Mexico. Sombrero
Name A Gift You Received In The Past That Seems Really Out Of Style Now. Clothes
Name A Good Birthday Gift For A Football Referee. Whistle
Name A Good Birthday Gift For A Kid Who Wants To Be A Cowboy. Hat
Name A Good Birthday Gift For A Vampire. Blood
Name A Good Breakfast For A Cold Morning. Oatmeal
Name A Good Food To Throw In A Food Fight. Mashed Potato
Name A Good Gift For A Friend Who's Moving To Alaska. Parka
Name A Good Gift For A High School Graduate. Money
Name A Good Gift For A Kid Who's Really Into Baseball. Baseball Glove
Name A Good Gift For A Professional Boxer. Gloves
Name A Good Gift For A Stamp Collector. Stamp
Name A Good Gift For Someone Who Just Graduated From College. Car
Name A Good Gift For Someone Who Takes A Lot Of Photographs. Film
Name A Good Homemade Holiday Gift. Cookies
Name A Good Job For Someone Who Loves Animals. Vet
Name a good job for someone who loves kids. Teacher
Name A Good Material For A Winter Coat. Wool
Name A Good Present To Give A Werewolf. Human Meat
Name A Habit A Person Might Go To A Hypnotist To Overcome. Smoking
Name A Handsome Male Cartoon Character. Superman
Name A Holiday Dessert With Cinnamon In It. Cookies
Name a holiday food that nobody likes. Yams
Name a holiday song with a fictional character. Red Nose Reindeer
Name A Holiday Song With A Fictional Character. Rudolph
Name A Holiday That You Don't Get To Miss Work For. Halloween
Name A Holiday That's Considered Patriotic. 4th Of July
Name A Holiday That'S More Fun For Adults Than Kids. New Years
Name A Holiday When You'd See A Parade. Thanksgiving
Name A Holiday You Would Go Out To A Theater To See A Movie On. Christmas
Name A Home Appliance That Can Get Hot. Iron
Name A Home Appliance That's Expensive To Replace. Fridge
Name A Jelly Bean Flavor. Cherry
Name a job someone with a foot fetish might love to have. Shoe salesperson
Name a job that requires steady hands. Surgeon
Name a job that requires you to make small talk with people. Salesperson
Name A Job That's Still More Common Among Women Than Men. Nurse
Name A Job That's Still Primarily Held By Women. Nurse
Name a job where you have to wear a suit everyday. Lawyer
Name A Job Where You May Study DNA. Scientist
Name A Job Where You Might Have To Watch A Monitor. Security
Name A Job Which Is Busiest In The Summer Time. Lifeguard
Name A Job You Don’t Want At Rodeo. Rodeo Clown
Name a job you might get at a hospital. Doctor
Name A Job You Would Not Want Your Boyfriend To Have. Police Officer
Name a kind (not brand) of chip. Potato
Name A Kind Of Animal You Might See In A Swamp. Alligator
Name A Kind Of Boat You Couldn'd Pull A Water Skier With. Row Boat
Name A Kind Of Cookie People Leave Out For Santa. Chocolate Chip
Name A Kind Of Cookie People Love To Dunk In Milk. Chocolate Chip
Name A Kind Of Court. Tennis
Name A Kind Of Donut. Glazed
Name A Kind Of Hat Men Like To Wear. Baseball
Name A Kind Of Job Which Is Only Available During The Holiday Season. Santa
Name A Kind Of Machine A Secretary Might Use While On The Job. Computer
Name a kind of muffin. Blueberry
Name A Kind Of Ring Not Worn On A Finger. Earring
Name a kind of seed people like to eat. Sunflower
Name a lie a woman might tell a man to let him know she's not interested in him. Fake Phone Number
Name A Magazine That Focuses On Hollywood Stars. People
Name a magazine that usually has a photo of someone famous on the cover. People
Name A Man, Past Or Present, Who’s Famous For Dancing In The Movies. John Travolta
Name A Mean Prank Kids Play At Halloween. Throw Eggs
Name A Member Of The Celebrity Elite Who Is Famous For No Apparent Reason. Paris Hilton
Name A Mistake A Pizza Chef Might Make The First Day On The Job. Burn Pizza
Name A Mistake People Make When Driving In The Snow. Speeding
Name A Modern Day Holiday Movie. Home Alone
Name a modern device that older people have trouble using. Computer
Name a month of the year that could also be a woman's first name. April
Name A Monthly Bill Where The Amount Changes Every Month. Electric
Name A Movie Character With A Skintight Costume. Batman
Name A Movie Character You Would Hate To Be Stuck With In A Broken Elevator. Freddy Krueger
Name A Movie Involving An Elephant. Dumbo
Name A Movie Mel Gibson Is Famous For. Passion Of Christ
Name A Movie Monster, Either Scary Or Nice. Frankenstein
Name A Movie Or TV Show About Gangsters. Sopranos
Name A Movie Star Who Could Be Knee Deep In A Pig Pen And Still Look Sophisticated. Brad Pitt
Name A Movie That A Dog Would Love To Watch. Lassie
Name a movie that had at least two sequels. Star Wars
Name A Movie That Has Become A Cult Classic”. Rocky Horror
Name a movie that has been remade. King Kong
Name a movie that you wouldn't take your mother to see. American Pie
Name A Movie Where The Plot Had More Twists And Turns Than A Corkscrew. Pulp Fiction
Name A Movie With Dr. In The Title. Dr. Doolittle
Name A Movie With A Lot Of Dancing. Dirty Dancing
Name A Movie With More Action Than Dialogue. Terminator
Name A Movie With The Word Cat In The Title. Cat In The Hat
Name A Movie With The Word Last In The Title. Save The Last Dance
Name A Movie You Walked Out On Or Wish You Had. Titanic
Name a movie you wouldn't take your mother to see. American Pie
Name A Movie You'd Be Surprised To See A Teenage Boy Watching. Gone With The Wind
Name A Musical Instrument You Blow Into. Trumpet
Name a musical instrument you’d see in most jazz bands. Saxophone
Name a natural wonder that is considered a romantic location. Niagara Falls
Name A Never-Ending Song That Some People Sing On Road Trips. 99 Bottles
Name A New Year’s TV Host. Dick Clark
Name A Night Of The Week When People Stay Up Later Than Usual. Friday
Name A Noisy Food You’d Hate For Someone To Chomp Next To You At The Movie Theatre. Popcorn
Name a non-alcoholic drink you can get at a bar. Soda
Name A Nut You'd Find In Ice Cream. Pecan
Name A Part Of A Car That You Hope Is Covered By A Warranty. Engine
Name A Part Of A Car That’s Often Replaced. Tires
Name A Part Of A Motorcycle That It Would Be Tough To Ride Without. Seat
Name A Part Of His Body A Skinny Guy Might Want To Exercise To Build Up. Chest
Name A Part Of the Body People Stretch Before Exercising. Legs
Name A Part Of The Body That Often Itches. Head
Name a part of the body that starts with the letter B. Butt
Name A Part Of The Body Where Men Have More Hair Than Women. Chest
Name A Pasta Dish That Ends With The Letter I”. Spaghetti
Name A Person Associated With England. Queen Elizabeth
Name A Person, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Famous For Having Red Hair. Lucille Ball
Name a pest you don't want in your garden. Rabbit
Name A Pet That Makes A Good Holiday Gift. Dog
Name A Phrase That Begins With the Word Spanish. Spanish Language
Name A Phrase That Has The Word Milk” In It. Got Milk?
Name A Phrase That Starts With The Word Prime. Prime Time
Name A Phrase That Starts With The Word Palm. ” Palm Sunday
Name a phrase that would scare someone off if spoken on a first date. I love you
Name a physical sign of aging that many people try to cover up. Wrinkles
Name A Pie Filling Often Used During The Holidays. Apple
Name a piece of jewelry both men and women wear. Rings
Name a piece of office equipment you might also find in someone's home. Computer
Name a piece of personal information they might ask on a job application. Name
Name A Piece Of Sports Equipment That You Only Use Once. Jock Strap
Name A Piece Of Technology That People Hate, But Need. Computer/Internet
Name A Place A Kid Might Store Their Toys. Toy Box
Name A Place A Parent Hides Presents So Children Won't Find Them. Closet
Name A Place Cars Line Up To Get In. Car Wash
Name A Place In The House Where People Store Old Clothes. Basement
Name A Place In The Newspaper You Wouldn’t Want To See Your Name. Obituary
Name a place on the body that women commonly perfume. Neck
Name A Place People Go To Discuss Their Relationship Problems. Therapist
Name A Place People Go To Relax. Beach
Name A Place People Go To See Fireworks On New Year'S Eve. Park
Name A Place People Have A Holiday Dinner. Parents House
Name a place some men have hair on their bodies that others don't. Chest
Name A Place That Has Aisles. Supermarket
Name a place that will always be open on New Year's Eve. Bar
Name A Place That's Usually More Crowded On Fridays Than The Rest Of The Week. Movie Theatre
Name A Place That's Visited Often, That You Can't Imagine Going For A Business Trip. Hawaii
Name A Place To Avoid During The Holidays. The Mall
Name a place where a noisy person might hear Shhh! Library
Name a place where a teenage boy might take a date. Movies
Name A Place Where A Teenage Girl Might Keep Her Diary. Under Mattress
Name a place where a tent might be set up. Campground
Name A Place Where Adults Go To Relax, But Kids Go To Play. Park
Name a place where it would be inappropriate to curse. Place of Worship
Name A Place Where It Would Be Rude To Use Your Cell Phone. Dinner
Name A Place Where It's Always Sunny. California
Name A Place Where It's Good To Be Tall. Basketball Court
Name a place where it’s always rainy. Seattle
Name A Place Where People Aren't Afraid To Sing Really Loud. Place Of Worship
Name a place where people don’t want to end up. Jail
Name A Place Where People Like To Go Skiing. Colorado
Name A Place Where You Could See A Lot Of Fit People. Gym
Name A Place Where You Go About Once A Year, And Dread It Every Time. Dentist
Name A Place Where You Might Be Charged A Late Fee. Video Store
Name A Place Where You Might Find A Bible. Church
Name A Place Where You Might Hear Bells Ringing. Church
Name A Place Where You Might See A Clown. Circus
Name A Place Where You Stand In Line, But Nobody's In A Hurry. Church
Name A place Where You'd See A lifeguard. Beach
Name a place where you'd see a lot of balloons. Carnival
Name A Place You Associate With Palm Trees. Florida
Name A Place You Don’t Want To See Your Name In The Newspaper. Obituary
Name A Place You Go To See Watch Fireworks On New Years. Park
Name A Place You Might Sleep When You Stay At A Friend's House. Couch
Name A Place You Might Whisper. Church
Name a place you see a blinking light. Intersection
Name A Place You'd Find Ice. Freezer
Name a place you're likely to hear someone tell a joke. Comedy Club
Name A Place You're More Likely To Visit If You Have Kids. Zoo
Name A Popular Brand Of Men's Underwear. Hanes
Name A Popular Christmas Candy. Candy Cane
Name A Popular Christmas Story For Children. The Night Before Christmas
Name A Popular New Year's Resolution. Lose Weight
Name a popular type of Girl Scout cookie. Thin Mint
Name a popular type of pie. Apple
Name A Popular Use For Apples In The Fall. Pie
Name A Popular Wedding Gift. Toaster
Name a power some superheroes have, but batman doesn't. Fly
Name A Practical Joke You Might Purchase From A Joke Shop. Whoopie Cushion
Name A Present A Boy Might Ask For That Most Parents Would Never Give. Gun
Name A Present A Girl Might Ask For That Most Parents Would Never Give. Car
Name A Present Most Girls Would Want For The Holidays. Jewelry
Name A Present Most Men Would Want For The Holidays. Tools
Name A Present People Buy For Their Dog For The Holidays. Bones
Name A Present People Give Their Grandfather. Watch
Name A Present You Would Get Your Best Friend For The Holidays. Gift Card
Name a problem an extremely tall person would have. Clothes
Name A Problem Someone With Braces Might Have. Caught Food
Name A Product Advertised On TV That's Aimed At Old People. Adult Diapers
Name a product door-to-door salesmen used to sell. Vacuum Cleaner
Name a product that might be disposable. Diapers
Name A Profession In Las Vegas That Makes Really Good Tips. Food Server
Name A Profession That Has A Nerdy Reputation. Scientist
Name A Profession That Has To Sew. Tailor
Name A Profession That Uses Scissors. Barber
Name A Profession Where You Might Be Called A Shark. Loan Shark
Name A Profession You Shouldn't Go Into If You Have Bad Aim. Police
Name A Professional Sport That Has A Draft. Football
Name A Professional That Charges For Advice. Therapist
Name A Prop You Would See In An Indiana Jones Movie. Rope.
Name A Public Place You Might Sing Out Loud With Other People. Place Of Worship
Name A Really Small State. Rhode Island
Name a reason a barber might say he had a bad day on the job. Have No Customers
Name A Reason A Customer Might Ask For Another Table At A Restaurant. Loud People
Name A Reason A Family Might Throw A Party. Birthday
Name A Reason A First-Timer Might Say They Had A Bad Time Skiing. Fall Too Much
Name A Reason A Hunter Might Say He Had A Bad Day. Didn't Get Anything
Name A Reason A Kid Might Want A Specific Breakfast Cereal. Advertisement
Name A Reason A Lifeguard Might Make Everybody Get Out Of The Ocean. Shark
Name A Reason A Person Might Complain About A Cup Of Coffee That's Served To Them. Cold
Name A Reason A Person Might Not Have A Pet. Allergic
Name A Reason A Student Might Have To Raise Their Hand In Class. Bathroom
Name A Reason An Athlete May Retire. Injury
Name A Reason Why The Speed Limit Might Suddenly Go Down In One Area. School Zone
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Driving Slower Than Usual. Traffic
Name a reason why you might not let someone else drive your car. It's New
Name a reason why you might not want to marry a pilot. Always out of town
Name A Reason Why You Might Not Wear Wool. Itchy
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn't Invite Your Partner To Your Company Holiday Party. Unattractive
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn't Invite Your Partner To Your Company Party. Ugly
Name a reason why you wouldn't want to be a teacher. Salary
Name A Reason Why Your Partner Might Come Home In A Bad Mood. Bad Day At Work
Name A Reason You Might Complain About Your Paperboy. No Paper
Name A Reason You Might Have To Pull Your Car Over To The Side Of The Road. Car Trouble
Name a reason you might look forward to October. Halloween
Name A Reason You Might Send A Bowl Of Soup Back. Cold
Name A Reason You Might Take Your Child Out Of A Movie. Bad Language
Name A Reason You Wouldn't Want To Drive Behind A Bus. You're In A Hurry
Name A Reason You Wouldn't Want To Live In New York. Crowded
Name A Relative You Only See During The Holidays. Aunt / Uncle
Name A Relative You'd Rather Not See During The Holidays. Mother In Law
Name A Room In A Family's Home Where You Are Most Likely To Find An Air Freshener. Bathroom
Name a rule you get to break if you're an ambulance driver. Through Intersections
Name A Rule You Get To Break If You’re An Ambulance Driver. Running Stop Signs
Name A Rule You Might See Posted At A Zoo. Do Not Feed
Name a saying that starts with the word stop. Stop It
Name a school supply kids are always running out of. Pencils
Name a sea creature most people aren't afraid of. Dolphin
Name A Sea Creature That Would Never Fit In Your Home Aquarium. Whale
Name A Sea Creature You'd Be Surprised To Hear Attacked Someone. Dolphin
Name A Seafood That’s Messy To Eat. Lobster
Name A Shakespeare Play Which Was Made Into A Movie. Romeo And Juliet
Name a shape you’d probably see on a geometry class chalkboard. Triangle
Name A Sign That The Person You Are About To Fight Knows Karate. The Way They Stand
Name a sign that the person you're talking to is drunk. Can't Stand Up
Name A Sign That You Might Be Turing Into A Dog. Barking
Name a sign that you're turning into an elephant. Growing A Trunk
Name A Sign That Your Girlfriend Might Be Turning Into A Cat. Purring
Name A Sign You Might See In An Apartment Leasing Office That Begins With The Word No? No Pets
Name a sign your girlfriend might be turning into a mermaid. Grows tail
Name A Singer Of Classic Holiday Standards. Bing Crosby
Name A Singing Group That Has A Number In Its Name. U2
Name a sitcom star who is also a standup comic. Jerry Seinfeld
Name A Smell That’s Common At A Rock Concert. Smoke
Name A Snack That Goes Great With Coffee. Donuts
Name a snack with marshmallows in it. S'mores
Name A Snack You Might See Sitting Out During The Winter Holidays. Cookies
Name A Snow-Related Activity Santa Might Do To Stay Healthy. Skiing
Name A Song By Madonna That Everyone Knows. Like A Virgin
Name A Song Made Famous By The Beach Boys. California Girls
Name A Song People Play Around Halloween. Monster Mash
Name A Sound You Hear At A Boxing Match. Bell
Name A Souvenir A Tourist Might bBring Home From Hollywood. T Shirt
Name A Specific Bowl Game That Takes Place During The Holidays. Rose Bowl
Name A Specific Button On A Clock Radio. Snooze
Name A Specific Chore Kids Do To Earn Their Allowance. Take Out Trash
Name A Specific Dessert That's Sold At Fast Food Restaurants. Ice Cream
Name A Specific Food Or Drink That A Waiter Would Hate Most To Spill. Red Wine
Name A Specific Food That Might Cause Heartburn. Chili
Name A Specific Food You'd Keep In The Refrigerator Crisper. Lettuce
Name A Specific Fruit You Have To Cut Open To Eat. Watermelon
Name A Specific Item An Auto Part Store Sells A Lot Of. Oil
Name A Specific Reason A Person Might Buy A Satellite Dish. More Channels
Name A Specific Reason Why People Drink Coffee. To Wake Up
Name a specific road sign that tells you not to do something. Stop
Name A Specific Skill You'd Have To Be Good To Be A Professional Baseball Player. Hitting
Name A Specific Step In Losing Weight That Is Very Hard To Stick To. Avoiding Junk Food
Name A Specific Task A Kid Might Want To Do While Helping To Bake Cookies. Lick The Spoon
Name A Specific Type Of Doctor. Gynecologist
Name A Specific Way A Couple Might Show Affection In Public. Hold Hands
Name A Spice You Associate With Christmas. Cinnamon
Name A Sport In Which Athletes Don’t Have To Retire Young. Golf
Name A Sport Many People Think Is Boring. Golf
Name A Sport That Can Be Played Both Indoors And Outdoors. Basketball
Name A Sport That Can Only Be Played Outdoors During The Winter. Hockey
Name a sport that involves hitting a ball. Baseball
Name A Sport That Is Played During The Fall. Football
Name A Sport That's Fun To Play But Boring To Watch. Golf
Name A Sport Where Fans Are Encouraged To Make A Lot Of Noise. Football
Name a sport where it would look silly to wear a helmet. Tennis
Name A Sport Where The Athletes Don't Look Very Athletic. Bowling
Name a sport where the athletes make an obscene amount of money. Basketball
Name A Sport Where The Players Don't Wear A Helmet. Basketball
Name A Sport Where The Players Have Very Little Clothing. Swimming
Name A Sport Where You Might Be Barefoot. Swimming
Name a state that begins with the letter I. Iowa
Name A State That Has A Lot Of Desert. Arizona
Name A State That Has Lots Of People. New York
Name A State That Starts With The Letter W. Washington
Name A State That Starts With W. Washington
Name A State Where It Hardly Ever Snows. California
Name A State Where It Snows. Colorado
Name A State Where You Could Go Swimming In The Winter. Florida
Name A Store That's Always Open, Even On Christmas Day. Discount
Name a superpower people secretly wish they had. X Ray Vision
Name A Teen Celebrity Who's Famous Today. Miley Cyrus
Name a term for someone who isn't very generous. Stingy
Name A Term Or Expression That Starts With The Word Bird”. Birdbrain
Name A Term That Describes Someone Who Comes In At First Place. Winner
Name A Term That Starts With Fortune”. Fortune Cookie
Name a term you'd use for someone who has a lot of money. Rich
Name A Title Given To Royalty In England. King
Name A Topic Dear Abby Gives Advice About. Love
Name A Tourist Attraction That Offers A Great View. Grand Canyon
Name A Toy That Might Be Operated By Remote. Car
Name A Traffic Violation That Everyone's Committed At Least Once. Speeding
Name A TV Show About Police. NYPD Blue
Name A TV Show That Might Cause Your Family A Lot Of Embarrassment If They Saw You On It. Jerry Springer
Name a TV show that might do a Parody of Family Feud”. Saturday Night Live
Name A TV Show That Reflects Donald Trump’s Life. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Name A TV Show You Might Go On If You're Having Relationship Problems. Oprah
Name A TV Soap Opera That's Been On For Years. Days Of Our Lives
Name a type of house kids have, that a family couldn't live in permanently. Tree House
Name A Type Of Band. Rock & Roll
Name A Type Of Bread People Order Sandwiches On At A Deli. Wheat
Name A Type Of Business Where You Might Drop Something Off And Pick It Up Later. Auto Repair
Name A Type Of Cheese (Not A Brand) People Like In A Salad. Cheddar
Name a type of chop. Pork Chop
Name A Type Of Cookie That Has Something In The Middle. Oreo
Name A Type Of Dealer. Car
Name A Type Of Entertainer You Might Find Aboard A Cruise Ship? Singer
Name a type of expert Oprah Winfrey might have appear on her show. Psychologist
Name A Type Of Footwear That Doesn’t Have Laces. Sandals
Name A Type Of Fruit A Kid Might Have In A Lunch Bag. Apple
Name A Type Of Music You'd Probably Never Hear At A Retirement Home. Rap
Name A Type Of Oil People Never Put On Food. Motor
Name A Reason First Class Is Better Than Coach Class. More Room
Name A Reason One Dog Might Make A Better Security Dog Than Another. Size
Name A Reason People Have A Garage Sale. Get Rid Of Junk
Name A Reason Someone Might Buy One Brand Of Toilet Paper Over Another. Softer
Name A Reason Someone Might Prefer Seeing A Movie In A Theater Instead Of Renting One At Home. Bigger Screen
Name A Reason Someone Might Prefer To Travel By Train. Afraid Of Flying
Name A Reason Someone Would Return A Gift. Wrong Size
Name a reason that mail you send might not get delivered. Wrong Address
Name A Reason The Audience Might Start Booing At A Movie Theater. Bad Movie Villain
Name A Reason To See A Movie At Home Instead Of At The Theater. Cheaper Couch
Name a reason why a baby might be cranky. Hungry
Name A Reason Why A Kid Might Be Moved To The Front Of The Class. Bad Behavior
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Send His Wife Flowers. Anniversary
Name a reason why a piece of mail might be returned to you. Wrong Address
Name a reason why a wedding might be cancelled. Cold Feet
Name A Reason Why A Woman Might Marry An Ugly Man. Money
Name A Reason Why A Woman Wouldn't Want Her Picture Taken At The Water Park. Swimsuit
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Be Up Late At Night. Baby
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Prefer Eating At A Drive-Thru Restaurant. Fast Service
Name a reason why someone might throw away a pair of pants. Torn
Name a reason why someone’s tooth might fall out. Decay
Name A Type Of Pancake. Buttermilk
Name a type of person who might wear goggles. Swimmer
Name a type of person who might wear sunglasses most of the day. Blind Person
Name A Type Of Purchase That A Person Might Hide From Their Partner. Clothes
Name A Type Of Repairman You Might Call To Your House In An Emergency. Plumber
Name A Type Of Shoe That Would Be Hard For A Tightrope Walker To Perform In. High Heels
Name a Type Of Shopping That Many People Dislike Doing. Grocery
Name a type of store a teenage would like to be locked in overnight. Music
Name A Type Of Test You Can’t Study For. Blood Test
Name a type of toy a little boy might play with. A Truck
Name A Type Of Tv Program People Watch In The Afternoon. Soap Opera
Name A Type Of TV Show That's Popular Now, But Barely Existed 20 Years Ago. Reality
Name A Type Of Vehicle That You Would Ride In The Back. Limousine
Name A Type Of Vehicles That’s Really Long. Limo
Name A US City Where It Snows A Lot During The Holidays. Chicago Denver
Name A Vegetable That Makes A Loud Noise When You Eat It. Carrot
Name A Vegetable That People Might Grow In Their Backyard. Tomato
Name a vegetable that tastes good grilled. Onions
Name a vehicle that requires a special license to operate. Semi Truck
Name A Vehicle You’D Hate To See A Man Pull Up In Before He Takes You On A Date. Motorcycle
Name A Video Games System People Are Buying For The Holidays. Xbox 360
Name a way a kid might get around town. Bike
Name A Way A Student Finds Out It Is A Snow Day. Radio
Name a way a student might try to impress a teacher. Bring An Apple
Name A Way Children Submit Their Wish List To Santa. Mail
Name A Way In Which People Try To Keep Up With Their Neighbors. New Cars
Name A Way People Enter A Swimming Pool. Dive In
Name A Way People Get Around In New York City. Taxi
Name A Way People Get Rid Of Mice. Mousetrap
Name A Way People Get To Work In The Morning. Car
Name A Way People Might Greet Each Other. Shake Hands
Name A Way The Incedible Hulk Is Different From Most Other Superheroes. Green
Name A Way To Get Rid Of Weeds In A Garden. Pull Them
Name A Way You Can Tell A Person Is Angry. Facial Expression
Name A Way You Can Tell Someone Is Skating At An Ice Rink For The First Time. Fall A Lot
Name A Way You Can Tell That A Guy Is A Bachelor. No Ring
Name A Way You Can Tell That The Person You're Talking To Is An Escaped Convict. Prison Uniform
Name A Way You Can Tell There’s Someone At Your Front Door. Door Bell
Name A Way You Could Tell That The Person You're Dating Is A Snowman. He Melts
Name a way you know a cartoon character is mad. Expression
Name A Way You Might Be Able To Tell Someone Giving A Speech Is Really Nervous. Sweat
Name A Weapon A Scuba Diver Might Use Underwater. Spear Gun
Name A Word Besides Love That Implies A Lot Of Romantic Emotion. Lust
Name A Word Or Phrase Beginning With The Word Snow”. Snowman
Name A Word Or Phrase People Use To Say That They're Completely In Love. Head Over Heals
Name A Word That Describes Your Dream Job. Lucrative
Name A Word That Follows Holy”. Holy Cow
Name A Word You Would Use When Addressing Royalty. Your Highness
Name an accessory kids put on their bikes. Horn
Name An Accessory People Buy For Their Computer. Ipod Printer
Name An Activity Kids Do At Day Camp. Swim
Name An Activity Kids Like To Do That They Need To Wear A Helmet For. Bike Riding
Name An Activity People Do On Christmas Eve. Sing Carols
Name An Activity People Like To Do At A Lake. Fishing
Name an activity that might cause a person to throw their back out. Weightlifting
Name An Actor Who Also Has A Rock Band. Keanu Reeves
Name An Actor Who Uses Or Used Their Middle Initials. Michael J Fox
Name an actor who you think might be able to knock out Mike Tyson. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Name an actor with a good sense of humor. Jim Carrey
Name an actress on the cutting edge of fashion. Paris Hilton
Name an actress who goes by three names. Pamela Lee Anderson
Name An Advantage A Truck Has Over A Car. Size
Name An Advantage Of Being A Senior Citizen. Discount
Name An Advantage Of Having A Fake Christmas Tree. Less Mess
Name An Alternative To Turkey On Thanksgiving. Ham
Name An American State Where Frosty The Snowman Would Not Go On Vacation. Florida
Name an animal at the circus that might go berserk and injure someone. Elephant
Name An Animal At The Zoo You Can Recognize Just By Its Sound. Elephant
Name An Animal Even An Elderly Person Could Outrun. Tortoise
Name an animal little boys use to frighten girls. Spider
Name An Animal People Are Often Compared To When They're Eating. Pig
Name An Animal That Climbs Trees. Monkey
Name An Animal That Eats A Lot Of Food. Elephant
Name an animal that has a long tongue. Anteater
Name An Animal That Likes To Eat Fish. Bear
Name An Animal That Lives On Both Land And Water. Turtle
Name An Animal That Looks Cuddly, But Would Probably Eat You Alive. Panda
Name An Animal That Makes A Lot Of Noise. Dogs
Name An Animal That Men Are Often Described As. Dog
Name an animal that people sometimes use to describe a lawyer. Snake
Name An Animal That Ruins Farmer's Crops. Crow
Name An Animal That You Hear At Night. Dog
Name an animal that you might see at both the circus and the zoo. Elephant
Name An Animal That's Often Hunted. Deer
Name An Animal Traditionally Associated With Christmas. Reindeer
Name an animal you’d see in the desert. Camel
Name An Annoying Bug A Person Might FInd In Their House. Cockroach
Name an appliance that's expensive to replace. Fridge
Name An Appliance You Have In You Home, That Your Grandparents Didn't. Microwave
Name An Article Of Clothing People Get Fitted For. Suit
Name An Article Of Clothing Some Women Try To Wear As Tight As Possible. Jeans/Pants
Name An Article Of Clothing That Can Be Buckled. Belt
Name An Article Of Clothing That Would Be Silly To Wear In The Snow. Shorts
Name An Article Of Clothing That You'd Never Wear In Summer. Coat
Name An Excuse Married Men Give For Not Wearing a Wedding Ring. Doesn’t Fit
Name An Excuse Someone Might Give For Why They’Re Dancing Badly. Too Much To Drink
Name an exotic pizza topping that pizzerias probably get few requests for. Anchovies
Name An Expense On A Business Trip That The Company Would Be Expected To Reimburse. Hotel
Name An Expensive Cut Of Beef. Filet Mignon
Name An Expression Little Kids Use When They Have To Go To The Bathroom. I Have To Go Pee Pee
Name An Image Often Used In Ads At Christmas. Santa
Name An Image That Might Appear On Christmas Wrapping Paper. Santa
Name An Important Date Some Men Forget. Wedding Anniversary
Name An Ingredient A Baker Would Hate To Be Allergic To. Flour
Name an ingredient used to make salsa. Tomatoes
Name an ingredient you'd find in trail mix. Peanuts
Name An Insect You See More Of In The Summer. Mosquito
Name An Instrument In An Orchestra. Violin
Name An Insulting Thing Someone Might Do With A Gift You Sent Them. Throw It Away
Name An Itchy Fabric. Wool
Name An Occasion For Which You Might Rehearse A Phone Call Before Making It. Date
Name An Occasion When People Might Have Their Picture Taken. Wedding
Name an occasion when people usually wash their hands. Before Eating
Name an occasion when you see a lot of people wearing red. Christmas
Name An Occasion Where You'd See People Dancing. Wedding
Name an occupation Edward Scissorhands might have been hired to do. Gardener
Name An Occupation In Which You'd Be Very Embarrassed To Get An Embarrassed Ticket. Police
Name An Occupation That Edward Scissorhands Would Be Good At. Gardener
Name An Occupation That Ends With The Word Man. Post Man
Name An Occupation That Thinks Their Time Is More Important Than Yours. Doctor
Name an occupation that's portrayed often in movies. Doctor
Name an occupation where you'd have to wear a hat. Construction
Name An Occupation With Collector In Its Name. Bill
Name another expression for getting married. Hitched
Name Another Part Of Big Foot That’s Probably Big. Hands
Name Another Word For Courage. Brave
Name another word for scared. Frightened
Name Another Word For Small. Tiny
Name Another Word For Fake”. Phony
Name another word for expensive. Costly
Name another word for motion picture. Movie
Name Another Word For Toilet. John
Name Another Word Or Phrase People Use To Say Good-Bye. See You Later
Name Another Word People Call Beer. Brew
Name One Of Bugs Bunny’s Pals. Daffy Duck
Name One Of Santa's Reindeer. Rudolph
Name One Of The Gifts From The Song The Twelve Days Of Christmas. Partridge
Name One Of The Least Popular Common Holiday Gifts. Socks
Name One Reason Someone Might Choose One Rental Video Store Over Another. Price
Name One Thing Which Might Tell Someone That Fall Is In The Air. Falling Leaves
Name one thing you would wear to dress like Britney Spears for Halloween. Very little
Name Santa's Biggest Problem. Weight
Name someone a bride asks to be her bridesmaid. Sister
Name Someone A Rich Person Might Hire To Work For Them. Maid
Name Someone Dorothy Met In The Land Of Oz. Cowardly Lion
Name Someone Dorothy Met In The Land Of Oz. Lion
Name someone famous who rode a horse. John Wayne
Name Someone Famous Who Used To Play For The New York Yankees. Babe Ruth
Name Someone Specific You Send A Holiday Card To. Parents
Name Someone Superman Might Send A Christmas Car To. Lois Lane
Name Someone That Uses Hand Signals. Police Officer
Name Someone Who Carries A Clipboard. Coach
Name Someone Who Might Be Dressed In All Black. Priest
Name Someone Who Might Knock On Your Hotel Room Door. Housekeeping
Name Someone Who Might Wear A Lab Coat. Doctor
Name Someone Who Might Wear A Pointy Hat. Witch Wizard
Name Someone Who Might Weat A Lab Coat. Doctor Scientist
Name Someone Who Probably Wouldn’t Be Invited To Batman’s Birthday. Joker
Name Someone Who Wears Gloves. Boxer
Name someone who works in a courtroom. Judge
Name Someone Who Works On Movies, But Never Gets Enough Credit When A Great Movie Is Made. Writer
Name someone who works outdoors. Construction Worker
Name Someone Who Writes The Funniest Stories About Christmas. Dr Seuss
Name Someone Who’s Is Famous For Playing The Trumpet. Louis Armstrong
Name Someone Whose Job It Is To Make Problems Go Away. Doctor
Name someone Winnie-The-Pooh is good friends with. Tigger
Name Someone You Might Tip At A Hotel. Bellhop
Name Someone You'd Be Embarrassed To Be Drunk In Front Of. Parents
Name someone you're likely to see in a hospital delivery room. Doctor
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Who Was Very Greedy. Scrooge
Name Someplace Where They Sell Cotton Candy. Circus
Name Someplace Where You’d See A Diamond. Jewelry Store
Name Someplace You'd Find A Water Fountain. Park School
Name Something A 10-Year-Old Boy Might Ask Santa For. Bike
Name something a baby and a martian have in common. Big Head
Name something a baby spends a lot of time doing. Sleeping
Name something a babysitter might have a hard time getting the kids to do. Going To Bed
Name something a bachelor might buy for his bedroom to make it more romantic. Candle
Name Something A Bank Robber Would Hate To Be Without. Guns
Name Something A Bartender Might Remember About A Customer. Favorite Drink
Name Something A Baseball Catcher Might Wear. Mask
Name Something A Baseball Fan Might Be Holding At The Game. Ball
Name Something A Baseball Fan Might Do At A Game That Would Get Him Kicked Out Of The Stadium. Fight
Name something a baseball player might be holding during a game. Bat
Name Something A Bathroom Attendant Might Offer You. Towel
Name Something A Biker Dude Would Look Silly Riding. Tricycle
Name Something A Bracelet Might Be Made Of. Gold
Name Something A Bride Worries Might Happen On Her Wedding Day. Groom Does Not Show
Name Something A Car Can’t Run Without. Gas
Name something a caveman might do to impress a cavewoman. Kill Dinosaur
Name Something A Caveman Might Use To Fight A Sabre-Toothed Tiger. Club
Name Something A Celebrity Might Go On A Talk Show To Promote. Movie
Name Something A Child Might Do For Or Give Santa. Milk And Cookies
Name Something A Child Might Draw A Picture Of For Halloween. Pumpkin
Name Something A Church Couldn't Do Without. Pastor
Name something a clown might be carrying. Balloons
Name Something A Construction Worker Would Hate To Forget To Bring With Him To Work. Hard Hat
Name something a couple might argue about when planning a vacation together. Where to go
Name Something A Couple Might Want To Know About A House Before Buying It. Price
Name Something A Couple Stops Sharing After They Get Divorced. Bed
Name something a cowboy might take with him on a cattle drive. Rope
Name something a dad might wear that would embarrass his family when company comes over. Underwear
Name Something A Dentist Might Tell You That You Need. Filling
Name Something A Department Store Has To Do To Prepare For The Holiday Season. Decorate
Name Something A Doctor Might Check During A Routine Exam. Heart Rate
Name Something A Doctor Might Wear While Examining A Patient. Gloves
Name something a doctor tells a woman in labor to do. Push
Name Something A Dog Might Be Wearing. Collar
Name Something A Driver Might Do That Would Cause You To Write Down His Car's License Number. Hit And Run
Name Something A Duck Has That A Human Doesn't. Bill
Name Something A Famous Actor Might Buy To Show Off Their Money. Mansion
Name Something A Farmer Uses Which Might Cause An Injury. Tractor
Name Something A First Year College Student Might Have To Learn How To Do On Their Own. Do Laundry
Name something a groom might worry about on his wedding day. Vows to Read
Name Something A Guy Might Take With Him To A Poker Game. Money
Name something a hair dresser might complain about a customer. Dirty Hair
Name Something A Highway Crew Might Use On A Snowy Road. Snowplow
Name something a hitchhiker might do to get noticed. Stick Thumb Out
Name Something A Hollywood Leading Man Needs. Leading Woman
Name something a jockey needs. Horse
Name Something A Kid Gets A Ride In, That An Adult Would Look Ridiculous Inside. Wagon
Name Something A Kid Might Bring Home From School That Their Parents Would Be Proud Of. Good Grades
Name something a kid might complain about at summer camp. The Food
Name Something A Kid Might Complian About At Summer Camp. Food
Name Something A Kid Might Do At A Public Swimming Pool That Annoys Others. Wee Wee In Pool
Name Something A Kid Might Need To Buy Before Starting A New School Year. Backpack
Name Something A Kid Might Try To Get Away With While With A Baby-Sitter. Staying Up Late
Name something a kid promises he'll do if he's allowed to get a dog. Feed It
Name something a kindergarten student might use to write with. Crayon
Name Something A King Has That The Average Person Doesn't. Crown
Name Something A Knight Needs For A Jousting Match. Horse
Name Something A Liberated Woman Might Resent Having A Man Do For Her. Open Doors
Name something a little boy might do that would make you suspect his father is Tarzan. Swing from a tree
Name Something A Little Boy Might Put On When He's Trying To Dress Up Like His Daddy. Tie
Name Something A Little Kid Might Do That Would Annoy A Department Store Santa. Pull His Beard
Name Something A Magician Might Make Appear Out Of Thin Air. Rabbit
Name Something A Magician Might Remove From Audience Members Without Them Ever Knowing It Was Gone. Money
Name something a mailman needs in order to do his job. Letters/Mail
Name Something A Man Does To Prepare For A Date. Shower
Name Something A Man Gives His Wife On Valentine's Day. Flowers
Name Something A Man Makes Sure To Do Before His Wedding Have. A Bachelor Party
Name Something A Man Might Do All Day Long If His Wife Let Him. Watch Sports
Name Something A Man Might Do At A Bar That He’d Probably Get In Trouble For Doing At Work. Drink
Name Something A Man Might Do If He Nicks Himself While Shaving. Put Toilet Paper On
Name Something A Man Might Do In His Sleep That His Wife Might Think Is Cute. Talk
Name Something A Man Might Put In His Hair. Gel
Name something a man might spill on his tie while eating. Soup
Name Something A Man Might Still Do For A Woman When They Go Out On A Date. Open Doors
Name Something A Man Might Try And Fix, But Ends Up Having To Call A Professional For. Sink
Name something a man would miss most if he was stranded alone on a deserted island. Women
Name Something A Man Would Wear If He Were To Impersonate A Woman. Dress
Name Something A Mother Consistently Reminds A Child To Do. Brush Teeth
Name Something A Movie Director Might Yell Out. Cut
Name Something A New Couple Does More Often Than A Couple That Has Been Together Awhile. Show Affection
Name Something A New Parent Would Hate To Run Out Of. Diapers
Name something a new wife worries her mother-in-law might complain about. Cooking
Name Something A One Year Old Spends A Lot Of Time Doing. Eating
Name something a parent does for a child right before they go to sleep. Bedtime Story
Name Something A Parent Might Take Away From A Child Who Is Being Punished. TV
Name Something A Person Does Often When They're Sleepy. Yawn
Name Something A Person Might Do If They Found A Wallet Full Of Money. Spend
Name Something A Person Might Do While Playing Cards That Would Annoy Everyone Else At The Table. Smoke
Name Something A Person Might Donate To Charity. Food
Name Something A Person Might Read Everyday. Newspaper
Name something a person might see in the ocean that would cause them to get excited. Shark
Name Something A Person Might Slide Down On A Snowy Hill. Sled
Name Something A Person Might Use To Clean Their Belly Button. Q Tip
Name something a person might worry about when speaking in front of a large group. Lack of Preparation
Name Something A Person Wears, Even If It Has A Hole In It. Socks
Name Something A Pizza Delivery Person Hates About Their Job. Bad Tips
Name Something A Police Officer Might Ask For After Pulling Someone Over. License
Name Something A Police Officer Might Be Embarrassed To Say He Or She Doesn't Know How To Do. Shoot A Gun
Name Something A Politician Has To Be Good At. Lying
Name Something A Professional Does For You That You Can Never Do The Same Way Yourself. Style Hair
Name Something A Professional Mover Might Use On The Job. Dolly
Name Something A Rapper Might Wear That You'll Never See Al Gore Wearing. Baggy Pants
Name Something A Really Smart Kid Probably Spends His Summer Doing. Reading
Name Something A Sailor Has To Worry About Crashing Into. Iceberg
Name Something A Student Might Buy That Has Their School Emblem On It. Jacket
Name something a super-fan would wear to a Harry Potter movie. Glasses
Name Something A Taxi Driver Might Do To Annoy A Passenger. Talking
Name Something A Teacher Might Make A Student Do During An Emergency Drill. Leave Classroom
Name something a teacher might use to help them teach their class. Books
Name Something A Teenage Girl Might Do If She Met Leonardo DiCaprio In Person. Scream
Name Something A Teenager Might Try To Get Away With When Their Parents Are Out Of Town. Throwing A Party
Name Something A Telemarketer Tries To Sell You. Phone Service
Name Something A Ten Year Old Girl Might Take To A Sleep Over. Sleeping Bag
Name Something A Track Coach Might Carry With Him. Stopwatch
Name Something A Vegetarian Might Put On A Sandwich. Lettuce
Name something a waitress should never be without. Pen/Pencil
Name Something A Water Skier Might Crash Into. Buoy
Name something a woman does right after a marriage proposal. Cry
Name Something A Woman Does To Change Her Appearance, That She Wants To Look Natural. Dye Hair
Name something a woman keeps in her purse that a man might also have in his wallet. Money
Name something a woman might do to get ready for a date that she wouldn't if she was just going out with friends. Put On Make-Up
Name Something A Woman Might Do To Her 12 Year Old Son That Would Cause Him To Say, Mom, I'm Too Old For This. Kiss Him In Public
Name something a woman might have done at a beauty salon she probably couldn't get at a barber shop. Manicure
Name something a woman would be foolish to apply makeup before doing. Swimming
Name something a woman would have to put up with if she dated Brad Pitt. Paparazzi
Name Something A Writer Uses At Work. Pen
Name something a young man might do to make himself look older. Grow Facial Hair
Name Something A Young Man Would Need If He Wanted To Impersonate An Old Man. Cane
Name something a young woman wears that just wouldn’t look right if her grandmother wore it. Mini skirt
Name Something A Zoo Gorilla Might Do If He Wanted To Get Your Attention. Bang On His Chest
Name Something About A Teddy Bear That's Different From A Real Bear. Huggable
Name Something About Airlines That Comedians Like To Make Jokes About. Airplane Crashing
Name Something About Miss Piggy That's Different From Most Pigs. Talks
Name something about Prince William that causes teenage girls to fall in love with him. Good Looks
Name Something About The Holidays That Is A Source Of Stress. Shopping
Name Something About Their Job That Most People Would Change If They Could. Pay
Name Something About Wonder Woman The Average Woman Might Envy. Body
Name Something About Your Car That's Different When The Parking Attendant Brings It Back. Seats Moved
Name something adult women wear Elegantly, But Pre-teens Often Look Silly In. High Heels
Name Something An Alien Would Report Back That Earth Has A Lot Of. People
Name Something An Angry Girlfriend Might Do To Get Back At Her Cheating Boyfriend. Cheat On Him
Name Something An Ant Might Find Annoying About Living In An Ant Farm. Overpopulated / Too Small
Name Something An Artist Uses. Paint Brush
Name Something Angelina Jolie Has That Starts With The Letter B”. Breasts
Name Something Annoying Kids Say On A Long Car Trip. Are We There Yet?
Name Something Annoying That Men Often Do In Your Bathroom. Leave The Seat Up
Name Something Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Look Silly In. Dress
Name Something Associated With It's A Wonderful Life”. Jimmy Stewart
Name Something Associated With A Genie. Bottle
Name Something Associated With Albert Einstein. Intelligence
Name Something Associated With An Iceberg. Titanic
Name something associated with Benjamin Franklin. Declaration
Name something associated with Cleopatra. Elizabeth Taylor
Name Something Associated With Diana Ross. Supremes
Name Something Associated With E. T. Phone Home
Name Something Associated With Fran Drescher. Nanny
Name something associated with goldilocks. Three Bears
Name Something Associated With Jack Nicholson. Joker
Name Something Associated With Jimmy Carter. President
Name Something Associated With Lucy From The Peanuts Comics. Charlie Brown
Name something associated with Princess Leia. Star Wars
Name something associated with the game show Wheel of FOrtune. Vanna White
Name Something Associated With The Month Of December. Christmas
Name Something Associated With Winnie-the-pooh. Hunny
Name Something At Home That People Might Trip Over. Electric Cord
Name Something Australia Is Known For. Kangaroo
Name something bad that a good actor could do to land in jail. Drugs
Name something bad that can happen to you if you eat too much chocolate. Break Out
Name Something Baseball Players Do While They're In The Dugout. Spit
Name Something Bats Do That People Don't. Sleep During Day
Name Something Bugs Bunny Does In All His Cartoons. Eats Carrots
Name Something Cher Is Famous For. Singing
Name Something Children Get In Their Hair. Gum
Name something college students get together to do. Study
Name Something Cookies Get Dipped In. Milk
Name Something Couples Do After Dating A While, That Would Be Weird To Do On A First Date. Get Married
Name something couples might fight about while planning their wedding. Cost
Name Something Cowboys Are Good At. Riding Horses
Name Something Credit Card Companies Offer, As A Reward For Signing Up. Cash Back
Name Something Demi Moore Has More Experience In Than Aston Kutcher. Child Rearing
Name Something Denver Is Famous For. Mountains
Name Something Doctors Are Always Telling People To Stop Doing. Smoking
Name Something Dogs Like To Tinkle On. Fire Hydrant
Name Something Dogs Love To Do That Cats Probably Think Is Ridiculous. Chase Own Tail
Name something Donald Trump probably keeps with him at all times. His Money
Name Something Eaten At A Luau. Pork
Name Something Embarrassing That Can Happen When You Sing Karaoke. Out Of Tune
Name Something Embarrassing That Students Get Caught Doing In Class. Cheating
Name Something Embarrassing You Would Not Want To Happen While Dancing. Fall Down
Name Something Embarrassing Your Parents Might Do During The Holidays. Drink
Name something every bullfighter needs. A Red Cape
Name Something Every Dentist Needs To Do His Job. Drill
Name something every farmer needs. Tractor
Name Something Every Judge Needs To Have. Gavel
Name Something Every Tight Rope Walker Needs To Do Their Job. Pole
Name something everyone knows about Christopher Columbus. Discovered America
Name Something Expensive A Teenager Might Ask His Parents For. Car
Name Something Fans Do At A Rock Concert That They Wouldn’t Do At An Opera. Scream and Yell
Name something Florida is famous for. Oranges
Name Something Food Might Come Wrapped In. Plastic
Name something for which you dress up to make a good first impression. First date
Name Something Found In Santa's Workshop. Elves
Name Something Found In The Garden Of Eden. Apple
Name something found on the bottom of a shoe. Gum
Name something Frank Sinatra had that made him irresistible to women. Blue eyes
Name Something Gamblers Always Say Before Rolling The Dice. Come On Baby!
Name Something Gentlemen Used To Do For Ladies That They No Longer Bother With. Open Doors
Name Something Grown-Ups Sleep With In Order To Feel Secure. Spouse
Name Something Healthy That Might Be Found In A Cookie. Oatmeal
Name Something Hollywood Could Do To Make Better Movies. Better Actors
Name something houses are made of in children's stories. Gingerbread
Name something in a woman’s purse that a man would never ask to borrow. Lipstick
Name Something In People Do To Eliminate Body Odor. Shower
Name something in the grocery store that's probably on the same aisle as the shampoo. Conditioner
Name Something In The Office That Drives People Crazy When It Isn’t Working. Computer
Name something in the woods that might be poisonous. Snake
Name Something In Your Home That Makes A Lot Of Noise. Dishwasher
Name Something In Your House You Might Only Use In Case Of An Emergency. Fire Extinguisher
Name Something Insects Can Do That People Might Wish They Could. Fly
Name Something Irritating That Would Happen When Using A Pay Phone. Doesn't Make Call
Name something it's easier to do if your tall than if your short. Reach High Things
Name Something It’s Probably Much Harder To Do In Outer Space Than It Is On Earth. Breathe
Name Something Jim Carey Is Good At Making Faces. Movies
Name something kid’s make their parents in nursery school. Finger Painting
Name Something Kids Can Do To Celebrate The New Year. Stay Up Late
Name Something Kids Do During A Long Car Trip To Keep From Getting Bored. Sing
Name something kids do when they get bored in class. Doodle/Draw
Name Something Kids Forget When Leaving For School. Homework
Name Something Kids Like To Throw At Each Other. Ball
Name something kids make for their parents in nursery school. Finger Painting
Name Something Kids Might Have To Wait For Before They Can Open Gifts On Christmas Morning. Parents Awake
Name Something Kids Might Look Forward To At School In The Month Of December. Christmas
name Something kids Wish Will Happen At A Baseball Game. Catch Ball
Name Something Listed On A Wedding Invitation. Date
Name something little boys can't wait to grow up and do. Drive
Name Something Little Red Riding Hood Suspected Was Different About Her Grandmother. Big Teeth
Name Something Made From Lemons. Lemonade
Name something made of feathers. Pillow
Name Something Madonna Has That The Average Woman Might Envy. Money
Name Something Many Houses Smell Like Around The Holidays. Pine Tree
Name Something People Apply For. Job
Name something people associate with Al Capone. Gangster
Name Something People Associate With Albert Einstein. Intelligence
Name something people associate with chihuahuas. Taco Bell
Name Something People Associate With Malibu, California. Beaches
Name Something People Associate With The Jolly Green Giant. Green Beans
Name something people balance. Checkbook
Name something people believe happens to them after they die. Go To Heaven
Name something people borrow money to pay for. House
Name something people brag about in their year-end Christmas letters. Their Kids
Name Something People Buy At The Last Minute Before Thanksgiving. Turkey
Name Something People Buy At The Last Minute For Christmas. Presents
Name Something People Buy By The Roll. Toilet Paper
Name something people buy to make their car look sportier. Spoilers
Name Something People Can Break. Glasses
Name Something People Check On A Used Car Before Buying It. Mileage
Name Something People Consider A Snack Food. Chips
Name Something People Cut In Half Before Eating. Sandwich
Name something people daydream about. Money
Name something people do at a wedding that they would never do at a funeral. Dance
Name something people do at the end of a first date. Kiss
Name Something People Do In An Argument That Isn't Productive At All. Be Aggressive
Name Something People Do In An Employee's Lounge. Eat
Name Something People Do In The Grand Canyon. Hike
Name Something People Do In The Water At A Lake. Swim
Name Something People Do In Their Car That You’d Be Surprised To See A Race Car Driver Do During A Competition. On Phone
Name Something People Do In Their Sleep. Snore
Name something people do on Halloween that they don't do on other holidays. Put On Costumes
Name Something People Do On The Day After Thanksgiving. Shop
Name Something People Do On Your Answering Machine That Drives You Crazy. Don't Leave Message
Name Something People Do To Cows That The Cows Might Object To. Milking
Name something people do to start a bottle of ketchup flowing. Hit the bottom
Name Something People Do To Their Hair That Makes Them Look Silly. Dye It
Name Something People Do To Warm Their Hands. Rub Them Together
Name something people do under mistletoe. Kiss
Name Something People Do When They Want To Look Better. Change Hair
Name something people do while they're waiting in line at the supermarket. Look at Magazines
Name Something People Do With A Christmas Fruit Cake. Throw Away
Name something people do with a deck of cards. Shuffle
Name Something People Do With Snow Make. Snowballs
Name Something People Don't Like To Start. Fight
Name Something People Donate That Can Save A Life. Organ
Name Something People Donate To The Red Cross. Blood
Name Something People Drink A Lot Of In The Summer. Lemonade
Name Something People Drink Beer Out Of. Bottles
Name something people enjoy doing under a tree. Picnic
Name something people enjoy doing, although it's bad for them. Smoking
Name Something People File For. Divorce
Name Something People Find Under Their Sofa Cushions. Money
Name Something People Forget To Do Before The Holidays. Buy Gifts
Name Something People Forget To Do When They Leave Their Car. Lock Door
Name Something People Get A Newborn For The Holidays. Clothes
Name Something People Get Removed From Their Body. Mole
Name Something People Give As A Housewarming Gift. Plant
Name something people go to a professional to have cleaned. Teeth
Name Something People Have All To Themselves While Single That They Have To Share When Married. Bed
Name Something People Have In Their Cars That Santa Might Like To Have In His Sleigh. Heater
Name something people hide so a stranger can't find it. Money
Name something people keep in their car for emergencies. Flashlight
Name Something People Know About Darth Vader Star Wars Wears. Helmet
Name Something People Know About Kangaroos. Marsupial
Name Something People Know About Michael Douglas. Actor
Name something people know about The Incredible Hulk. Green
Name Something People Know About The Titanic. Sank
Name something people know about the White House. President Lives There
Name Something People Leave On Their Nightstand Before Going To Bed. Eye Glasses
Name Something People Like To Drink At Bedtime. Milk
Name Something People Look For When Choosing A Diamond. Size
Name Something People Look Forward To All Year Long. Christmas
Name something people might keep in a jar in the kitchen. Cookies
Name Something People Often Skip. Lunch/Meals
Name something people paint for Halloween. Face
Name Something People Practice In A Mirror. Singing
Name something people put in ice tea. Lemon
Name Something People Put In The Microwave That They Shouldn't. Foil
Name Something People Put In Their Yards To Attract Birds. Bird Feeder
Name Something People Put Off Doing To Their Cars That They Should Do More Often. Wash/Wax
Name Something People Put On Their French Fries. Ketchup
Name Something People Put On Top Of A Piano. Pictures
Name Something People Race. Cars
Name Something People Remember About The TV Show Cheers. Bar
Name Something People Ride On Snow. Sled
Name Something People See In Egypt. Pyramids
Name something people serve with biscuits. Gravy
Name Something People Set. Clock
Name something people skip. Breakfast/Meals
Name Something People Stomp On With Their Foot. Insects
Name Something People Stop For On Their Way To Work. Coffee
Name Something People Suffering From Colds Always Seem To Be Doing. Sneezing
Name Something People Take Out Of Storage In The Fall. Warm Clothes
Name something people talk into. Phone
Name Something People Throw Away Every Day. Garbage
Name Something People Try Yo Squeeze Into. Pants
Name Something People Turn Off Before They Go To Bed. Lights
Name something people use to clean their ears. Cotton Swab
Name Something People Use To Decorate Their House For Christmas. Lights
Name something people was in public. Hands
Name Something Pilgrims Wear. Hat
Name Something Police Will Give You A Ticket For. Speeding
Name Something Popeye Is Known For Doing. Eating Spinach
Name Something Pregnant Women Are Warned Not To Do. Drink Alcohol
Name Something Pregnant Women Do A Lot Of When They’re In Labor. Scream
Name something public bathrooms are often out of. Toilet Paper
Name Something Really Big That Magicians Make Disappear. People
Name something rock stars have that karaoke singers might wish they had. Good Voice
Name Something Romantic About Christmas. Mistletoe
Name Something Santa Asks Children When They Sit On His Lap. Been Good
Name Something Santa Might Say To A Little Girl Or Boy Sitting On His Lap. What Do You Want?
Name Something Santa Probably Does The Other 364 Days A Year. Sleep
Name something Santa’s known for doing, that seems likely to cause him an injury. Go down chimney
Name Something Saturday Night Live Is Known For. Funny Skits
Name Something Sixteen-Year-Old Girls Might Do At A Slumber Party. Talk About Boys
Name something some people do while on the phone that other people wouldn't. Use The Bathroom
Name Something Somebody Might Do That Would Make Them A Grinch Or A Scrooge. Not Give Gifts
Name something someone in a dark movie theater might accidentally step on. Feet
Name Something Specific A Child Can Do To Get On Santa's Nice List. Chores
Name Something Specific A Child Does To Get On Santa's Naughty List. Fight
Name Something Specific A Child Might Hold In His Hand At A Carnival. Cotton Candy
Name Something Specific A Dancer Might Wear In An Old Hollywood Musical. Dress
Name something specific a divorced man might have to learn how to do when living by himself. Cook
Name Something Specific A Dog Barks At. Mailman
Name Something Specific A Man Might Be Too Embarrassed To Ask His Wife For. Money
Name something specific a rental car company checks when you return your car. Mileage
Name Something Specific Associated With Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. Regis
Name something specific clowns do at the circus. Fall Down
Name something specific kids love to do in the snow. Build Snowman
Name something specific people adjust on their stereo system. Volume
Name something specific people often eat with coffee. Donuts
Name Something Specific That Is Sold By The Bunch. Bananas
Name Something Specific That's Served In A Cup. Coffee
Name something specific women do not like being teased about. Their weight
Name something specific you call a plumber to fix. Clogged Sink
Name something specific you have to worry about for an outdoor wedding, but not indoor. Precipitation
Name Something Specific You Might Buy At A Lingerie Store. Bra
Name Something Specific You Might Have Insured. Car
Name Something Specific You Might Order At A French Restaurant. Escargot
Name Something Specific You Want To Make Sure Looks Good Before A Big Date. Hair
Name Something Specific You Wear To Work That You'd Probably Never Wear To Bed. Tie
Name Something Stars In The Sky Have In Common With Criminals. Bright
Name Something Student'S Use In Math Class. Calculator
Name Something Students Would Not Want The Teacher To Catch Them Doing. Cheating
Name Something Superman Does That Clark Kent Doesn't. Fly
Name something taught in home economics class. Cooking
Name something Ted Turner is known for. CNN
Name Something Teenagers Did In The 50's. Danced
Name something teenagers did the 50's. Danced
Name Something That A Child Star Has To Do That The Average Kid Doesn't. Work
Name Something That A Dog Hates Having Done To It. Bathed
Name Something That A Hula Dancer Wears. Grass Skirt
Name Something That Annoys You When You Ride The Bus. People Talking
Name Something That Attaches To A Camera. Lens
Name Something That Attracts Flies. Food
Name Something That Can Be Framed. Photo
Name something that can happen that would ruin a romantic getaway. Argument
Name something that can stink up your car. Cigarettes
Name Something That Comes In A Lot Of Flavors. Ice Cream
Name Something That Comes To Mind When You Think Of Tina Turner. Hair
Name Something That Comes With Your Clothes When You Pick Them Up From The Dry Cleaners. Hangers
Name Something That Computers And Sports Cars Have In Common. Speed
Name Something That Could Happen To A Man That Might Bring Tears To His Eyes. Kicked In The Groin
Name Something That Couples Should Do Together Regularly In Order To Stay Connected. Talk
Name Something That Crawls. Spider
Name Something That Dallas Texas Is Known For. Cowboys
Name something that doesn't always happen in a baseball game, but it's exciting when it does. Home Runs
Name something that frequently happens at office parties. Drinking
Name something that gets scooped. Ice Cream
Name Something That Goes Up And Down. Elevator
Name Something That Goes Well With Pizza. Beer
Name something that grandparents do to spoil their grandchildren. Buy Toys
Name something that grows on a vine. Grapes
Name something that happens in October. Halloween
Name Something That Happens In The Fall. Leaves Turn Color
Name Something That Happens On Every David Letterman Show. Top Ten
Name something that happens when young girls have sleepovers and also when women go out for girl's night. Talk About Dating
Name Something That Has A Captain. Ship
Name something that has a fence around it. Yard
Name something that has a hook. Fishing Pole
Name Something That Has A Horn. Car
Name something that has a lock on it. Door
Name Something That Has A Ring Around It. Finger
Name Something That Has A Trunk. Car
Name something that has channels. TV
Name Something That Has Pineapple In It. Upside Down Cake
Name Something That Has Wax. Candle
Name Something That Is Often Served With Spaghetti. Meatballs
Name Something That Kids Fight Over During The Holidays. Toys
Name something that little kids ask their parents to do for them before they go to sleep. Read A Story
Name Something That Lives Underground. Mole
Name something that makes a noise when you open it. Soda
Name Something That Makes Music. Stereo
Name something that makes you itch. Poison Ivy
Name Something That Makes You Squint. Sun
Name something that melts. Ice Cream
Name Something That Might Accidentally Get Caught In A Paper Shredder. Tie
Name Something That Might Annoy A Barber About The Person Whose Hair He's Cutting. Dirty Hair
Name something that might annoy a gardener. Bugs
Name something that might be described as soft and fuzzy. Teddy Bear
Name something that might be given away as the grand prize in a raffle. Car
Name something that might be on your roof. Shingles
Name Something That Might Be Orange-Flavored. Juice
Name Something That Might Be Painful To Do Right After A Person’s Had A Face Lift. Smile
Name Something That Might Be Pinned To A Shirt. Name Tag
Name Something That Might Be Taught In Table Manners 101. Proper Utensil
Name Something That Might Come With Your New Computer. Printer
Name Something That Might Crash. Airplane
Name something that might fall from a tree. Apple
Name Something That Might Get Frozen In The Winter. Water
Name something that might hit your windshiel while driving. Rock
Name Something That Might Make You Dizzy. Amusement Park Rides
Name Something That Might Make Your Voice Sound Different From The Way It Usually Does. Helium
Name Something That Might Really Annoy Santa When He Comes To Your House. No Cookies
Name Something That Might Ruin A Ballerina's Day While Performing On Stage. Fall
Name Something That Might Ruin A Day At A Popular Amusement Park. Bad Weather
Name Something That Might Spoil A Snow Skiing Trip. No Snow
Name Something That Might Turn Your Tongue Red. Popsicle
Name Something That Needs To Be Fed. Dog
Name something that people assume a great looking guy will be great at. Making Love
Name Something That People Check Before Using The Bathroom At A Party. Toilet Paper
Name Something That People Hang Outside. Clothes
Name Something That People Post Flyers For. Parties
Name Something That People Try To Avoid Doing In An Elevator. Pass Gas
Name Something That Probably Got On Jane's Nerves After She Married Tarzan. Yelling
Name Something That Shines At Night. Stars
Name Something That Smells Like Smoke When You Come Home From The Bar. Clothes
Name Something That Some People Steal From Restaurants. Silverware
Name Something That Spins. Top
Name something medieval knights did. Joust
Name Something Men Buy To Wear That Don'd Try On In A Fitting Room. Underwear
Name Something Men Enjoy Shopping For. Tools
Name something men try to cover up. Affair
Name something might have nuts in it. Candy
Name Something Moses Is Famous For Doing In The Bible. Parting The Red Sea
Name Something Most Answering Machine's Greetings Tell You. Leave A Message
Name Something Most People Associate With Heaven. Angels
Name Something Most People Do Ever New Years Eve. Drink
Name something most people do every New Year's Eve. Drink
Name Something New Dads Do Immediately After The Birth Of Their New Baby. Hand Out Cigars
Name something of yours that you might someday change its color. Hair
Name Something Old People Spend More Time Doing Than Young People. Sleeping
Name something on a man he might wish was smaller. Belly
Name Something On Every One Dollar Bill. George Washington
Name Something On Everyone's Driver's License. Birth Date
Name Something On Grandma That Might Be Fake. Teeth
Name Something One Person In A Relationship Does Too Soon That Scares The Other One Away. Talk Marriage
Name Something Parents Always Seem To Be Buying For Their Kids. Clothes
Name Something Parents Do To A Child Who Won't Eat His Supper. No Dessert
Name Something Parents Hope Their Child Can Do By Himself By The Age Of Seven. Read
Name Something Parents Nag Their Kids About. Cleaning Their Room
Name Something Parents Tells Their Kids Not To Waste. Food
Name something parents wish a baby could do for itself. Change Diaper
Name Something People Add To Oatmeal. Brown Sugar
Name Something That Starts With The Word Egg. Egg Rolls
Name Something That Starts With The Word Santa. Santa Claus
Name Something That Starts With The Word Goose”. Goosebumps
Name Something That Tastes Best When Grandma Makes It. Cookies
Name something that tastes good with mustard. Hot dogs
Name Something That Will Happen If You Stop Brushing Your Teeth. Cavity
Name something that would be hard to do if you had lockjaw. Eat
Name Something That Would Ruin A Day At The Beach. Bad Weather
Name Something That You'd Test Out Before Buying Second-Hand. Car
Name something that's delivered. Pizza
Name Something That's Done When An Athlete Wins An Olympic Event. Get A Medal
Name Something That's Found In Just About Every Desk Drawer. Pencil
Name Something That's In A Bookstore, But Not In Most Libraries. Cafe
Name Something That's Made Of Cotton. Shirts
Name Something That's Often Served With Chips. Dip
Name Something That's Sold At An Airport Gift Shop. Postcards
Name Something That's Usually More Expensive At Department Stores Than At Drug Stores. Clothes
Name Something That's Usually Required To Rent An Automobile. Credit Card
Name Something That's Weighed On A Scale. Fruit
Name Something That’s Decided Ahead Of Time When Going On A Date. Place To Meet
Name something that’s made of cotton. Shirts
Name Something That’s Shaped Like A Donut. Tire
Name Something That’s Sometimes Stuffed In Ravioli. Cheese
Name Something That’s Usually More Expensive At Department Stores Than At Drug Stores. Clothes
Name Something That’S Weighed On A Scale. Person
Name Something The Cartoon Characters The Jetsons Had That You Wish You Had. Flying Cars
Name Something The City Of Atlanta Is Known For. Braves
Name Something The Godfather Probably Consumes Every Day. Pasta
Name Something The Indians Taught To The Pilgrims. Farm Corn
Name Something The Stars Eat That You Probably Would Not Find In middle America. Sushi
Name something they have in fancy bathrooms that you might wish you had in yours. Jacuzzi
Name Something They Might Have In A Hotels Honeymoon Suite You Wish You Had In Your Bedroom. Jacuzzi
Name something they probably teach dogs to do on the first day of obedience school. Sit
Name Something They Sell In A Survival Store. Hunting Knives
Name Something Toddlers Carry Around With Them All The Time. Bottle
Name something twin brothers might share while growing up. Clothes
Name Something Twins Do As Kids, But Probably Not As Adults. Dress Alike
Name Something Ugly That Can Grow On Your Feet. Corn
Name something vampires wouldn't keep in their home that many people would. Garlic
Name Something Very Important To Bring On A Long Hike. Water
Name Something Visitors Are Told Not To Do In A Museum. Touch
Name Something Washington, D. C. Has A Lot Of. Monuments
Name Something Water Skiers Need That Snow Skiers Don't. Life Jacket
Name Something Wavy. Hair
Name Something Willie Nelson Is Famous For. Singing
Name Something With A Hole In The Center. Donut
Name something women do to their hair more often than men do. Color
Name something women may spend more on than men in order to look good. Hair
Name Something You Associate With Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie
Name something you associate with sumo wrestling. Big Fat Guys
Name Something You Associate With Superman. Fly
Name something you associate with Sylvester Stallone. Rocky
Name something you associate with the character the road runner. Wile E. Coyote
Name something you associate with the TV show All In The Family”. Archie Bunker
Name Something You Buy At A Hospital Gift Shop. Flowers
Name Something You Can Adjust On Your TV. Volume
Name Something You Can Buy In The Paper Products Aisle At The Supermarket. Paper Towels
Name something you can do in a regular pool you couldn't do in a baby pool. Dive
Name Something You Can Do To Mess Up When You Take Someone’s Picture. Hand Over Lens
Name Something You Can Find Out About A Plane Flight Just By Looking At An Airport Monitor. Arrival Time
Name something you can roast in, or over, an open fire. Marshmallows
Name something you can't be afraid of if you want to become a vampire. Blood
Name Something You Color. Coloring Book
Name Something You Do At An Office Party. Drink
Name Something You Do Before Party Guests Arrive. Clean
Name something you do for your dog's own good, that he hates. Bathe
Name something you do in the summer that you usually don't do in the winter. Swim
Name Something You Do On Weekday Mornings That Don't Have To Do On The Weekend. Go To Work
Name something you do to a shirt. Iron It
Name Something You Do To An Envelope Before Mailing It. Lick / Seal It
Name Something You Do With Your Child To Get Ready For Bed. Read A Story
Name Something You Drink At The First Sign Of A Cold To Try To Ward It Off. Tea
Name Something You Eat On A Bun. Hot Dog
Name Something You Expect People To Do At Halloween, But Not At Christmas. Wear Costumes
Name Something You Find At A Carnival That Comes On A Stick. Cotton Candy
Name something you find at amusement parks. Roller Coaster
Name something you find in a motor home that you wouldn't find in most cars. Bathroom
Name Something You Find In The Game Monopoly. Money
Name Something You Get Right Before Thanksgiving. Turkey
Name Something You Hate Getting In Your Mailbox. Bills
Name Something You Have To Buy For A Wedding. New Clothes
Name Something You Have To Put On A Personal Check. Signature
Name Something You Hold Very Carefully. Child
Name something you hope doesn't happen when holding someones baby. Diaper Change
Name Something You Know About Alcatraz. Prison
Name Something You Know About Kangaroos. Have Pouch
Name something you know will happen in every episode of cops. Arrest
Name Something You Like To Smell Around Your Neighborhood In Summer. Flowers
Name something you make with batter. Cake
Name Something You Might Adjust When You Get Into A Rental Car. Seat
Name Something You Might Ask A Bathroom Attendant For. Towels
Name Something You Might Ask A Professional To Install In Your Kitchen. Dishwasher
Name Something You Might Ask Directions From While Driving. Gas Station
Name Something You Might Blame On A Headache. Stress Work
Name Something You Might Buy From The Reference Section Of A Bookstore. Dictionary
Name Something You Might Buy That Has Instructions Printed In Several Languages. TV
Name Something You Might Buy That's Made In Japan. Car
Name Something You Might Cut Out Of Your Morning Routine If You Were In A Big Hurry. Breakfast
Name something you might do if you smell a really bad odor. Hold your nose
Name Something You Might Do If Your Car Was Stuck In The Snow. Call A Tow Truck
Name something you might do if your car was stuck in the snow. Shovel It Out
Name Something You Might Do Just Before Someone Snaps Your Picture. Smile
Name Something You Might Do On Vacation In Florida. Swim
Name Something You Might Do Right After Work On Friday. Drink Dinner
Name Something You Might Do When You Make A Wish. Blow Out Candles
Name Something You Might Drink On Christmas Eve By The Fire. Egg Nog
Name something you might eat with carrots in it. Cake
Name Something You Might Expect To See A Lot Of In Beverly Hills. Movie Stars
Name Something You Might Find At A Murder Scene That Would Tell You It Was Done By A Carpenter. Hammer
Name Something You Might Find At A Seance. Crystal Ball
Name Something You Might Find In A Police Car. Guns
Name Something You Might Find In A Suitcase That Would Tell You It Belonged To A Surgeon. Scalpel
Name Something You Might Find In An Igloo. Eskimos
Name Something You Might Find On Someone's Doorstep. Welcome Mat
Name Something You Might Find On Your Lawn That You'd Hate To Find On Your Carpet. Dog Poop
Name Something You Might Fold. Towels
Name Something You Might Get At A Movie Concession Stand To Go With Your Popcorn. Soda
Name something you might have to do if you got a speeding ticket. Pay
Name Something You Might Have To Watch Out For While Skiing The Slopes. Trees
Name something you might know about the Star Wars character Han Solo. Pilot
Name Something You Might Look Through A Telescope To See. Stars
Name Something You Might Lose As You Get Older. Memory
Name something you might need if you were to go ice fishing. Saw
Name something you might need to buy if you worked from home. Computer
Name Something You Might Need To Get A Permit Before Doing. Driving A Car
Name something you might need to reserve months in advance. Hotel
Name Something You Might Need When Serving Corn-On-The-Cob. Butter
Name Something You Might Pack In Your Suitcase For A Hawaiian Vacation. Bathing Suit
Name something you might put on your eggs. Salt
Name something you might put on your lap. Baby
Name something you might rent from a party store. Tables
Name something you might see a dog holding in its mouth. Bone
Name Something You Might See A Picture Of On a Postcard From Hawaii. Palm Trees
Name Something You Might See At A Chinese New Years Celebration. Dragon
Name Something You Might See At A Church Gift Shop. Bible
Name Something You Might See In A Bathtub. Water
Name Something You Might See In A Dark Alley. Kitty Cat
Name Something You Might See In A Swamp. Alligator
Name Something You Might See On A Tourist Who Just Came Back From Hawaii. Lei
Name Something You Might See Pictured On A Postcard From Alaska. Snow
Name something you might see tied to the roof of someone's car. Christmas Tree
Name Something You Might See When You're Dead. God
Name Something You Might Serve A Dinner Guest Before The Main Course. Salad
Name Something You Might Take With You On A Long Plane Flight. Book
Name Something You Might Take With You When Walking Your Dog. Leash
Name something you might use bricks to build. House
Name something you miss about living at home with your parents. Home Cooking
Name something you need for wrapping a gift. Tape
Name Something You Need To Get A Good Shave. Good Razor
Name Something You Need To Knit A Sweater. Yarn
Name Something You Need To Make Brownies. Chocolate
Name something you need to make s'mores. Marshmallows
Name something you need to play polo. Horse
Name Something You Need To Play Scrabble. Letters
Name something you need to play trivial pursuit. Cards
Name Something You Need When Making A Birthday Cake. Candles
Name Something You Need When Setting A Table. Silverware
Name Something You Pay A Lot For Tickets To See Professionals Do, But Very Little To See High Schoolers Do. Sports Event
Name Something You Purchase By The Gallon. Milk
Name Something You Put On Before Going Out Into The Snow. Snow Boots
Name Something You See Horses Do At Horse Shows. Jump
Name Something You See In A Museum. Paintings
Name Something You See In Every Public Bathroom. Toilet
Name Something You See In Front Yards During The Holidays. Lights
Name Something You See In The Lobby Of Most Office Buildings. Receptionist
Name Something You See Lots Of Ads For In A Women's Magazine. Make Up
Name something you shouldn't do right after you eat. Swim
Name Something You Shouldn't Do Right Before Going To Sleep. Eat
Name Something You Shouldn't Do While Driving. Drink
Name something you shouldn't do while you're driving. Drink
Name Something You Shouldn’t Take Away From A Baby, Unless You Enjoy The Sound Of Screaming. Bottle
Name Something You Take Extra Time To Do When Guests Are Coming Over. Clean
Name something you use everyday but have no idea how it works. Computer
Name Something You Use To Decorate A Snowman. Carrot
Name Something You Use Tweezers To Remove. Hair
Name Something You Usually Can't Use If You Don't Have Any Change. Pay Phone
Name Something You Wear Outside That You Might Take Off When You Go Inside. Coat
Name Something You Wear That Might Be Plaid. Skirt
Name something you wish people wouldn't do in an elevator. Smoke
Name Something You Wish People Wouldn't Do In Your Car. Smoke
Name something you wish you had in your backyard. Swimming Pool
Name Something You Worry About Before Falling Asleep At Night. Money
Name Something You Worry About When It Begins To Rain. Hair Messed Up
Name Something You Would Complain About When You Receive A Pizza Delivery. Cold
Name Something You Would Dress Your Ipod As On Halloween. Ghost
Name Something You Would Get On A Thanksgiving Pizza. Turkey
Name Something You Would Need If You Wanted To Dress Up Like The Statue Of Liberty. Torch
Name Something You Would Need To Dress Up Like Santa. Red Suit
Name Something You Would See A Lot Of In Texas. Oil Wells
Name something you would thank your spouse for doing but prosecute a stalker for. Showing Affection
Name Something You Wouldn't Want To AccidentallyPut In Your Garbage Disposal. Ring
Name Something You'd Be Surprised To Find That An Exercise Instructor Did Eat. Junk Food
Name Something You'd Buy At A Bakery For Christmas. Cookies
Name Something You'd Buy For A Dog You'd Never Buy For A Cat. Bone
Name Something You'd Do Around The House That You'd Need A Ladder. Change Light Bulb
Name Something You'd Do Differently, If You Worked From Home Instead Of An Office. Casual Dress
Name something you'd find at a real opera that you probably wouldn't in a soap opear. Opera Singers
Name something you'd find in a hospital waiting room. Magazines
Name Something You'd Find In A Hotel Bathroom That You Wouldn't Find In Your Own. Little Bars Of Soap
Name Something You'd Find In Almost Every Room Of A House. Light
Name Something You'd Find In Every Hotel Room. Bible
Name something you'd hate for your doctor to forget before operating on you. Anesthetic
Name Something You'd Hate To Be Without If You Were Climbing Mt. Everest. Rope
Name Something You'd Hate To Get In Your Hair. Gum
Name Something You'd Hate To Have Happen While House-Sitting. Fire
Name Something You'd Hate To Notice About Your Clothes Just After You Left The House. Stain
Name something you'd like to own that starts with the word, Magic. Magic Wand
Name Something You'd Need If You Wanted To Be A Lawyer. Degree
Name Something You'd Need If You Wanted To Make A Teddy Bear. Stuffing
Name Something You'd Need If You Wanted To Start A Preschool In Your Home. Toys
Name Something You'd Need If You Wanter To Look Like The Grim Reaper. Black Hood & Cape
Name something you'd need if you were going to slay a dragon. Sword
Name Something You'd Need If You Were Making Pancakes. Flour
Name something you'd need in order to play a game of basketball. Basketball
Name Something You'd Need To Be Able To Be A WWF Wrestler. Wrestle
Name something you'd need to be able to do to be a WWF wrestler. Wrestle
Name Something You'd Never See Donald Trump Without. Money
Name Something You'd Probably Find In A Baby's Bedroom. Crib
Name Something You'd Probably Find In Most Mansions. Butler
Name something you'd probably never see a mother of a bride wear to her daughter's wedding. Black Dress
Name something you'd see a lot of at disneyland. Disney Characters
Name something you'd see at a thrift store. Clothing
Name Something You'd See At The Olympic Opening Ceremony. Lighting Of The Torch
Name Something You'd See In A Hotel Lobby. Front Desk
Name something you'd see in a restaurant's kitchen. Pots and Pans
Name something you'd see in an italian restaurant. Pasta
Name Something You'd See In The Back Seat Of A Car That Would Tell You They Have Children. Car Seat
Name Something You'll Probably Find In Most Mansions. Butler
Name Something You're Asked To Do At The Eye Doctor's Office. Read Chart
Name Something You're Expected To Do If You're Attending A Wedding. Bring A Gift
Name Something You’d Do If You Were Staying The Night At A Friend’s And Forgot Your Toothbrush. Use Your Finger
Name something you’d do if your upstairs neighbor was being too noisy. Hit the Ceiling
Name Something You’d Find At Most Amusement Parks. Roller Coaster
Name Something You’d Find In A Greek Salad. Feta Cheese
Name Something You’d Find In Almost Every Room Of A House. Light
Name Something You’d Find On The Cover Of A Novel. Author
Name Something You’d Hate To See In The Ocean Next To You. Shark
Name Something You’d Have To Get Used To If You Were A Zoo Animal. Being In A Cage
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Dress Up Like A Rock Star. Long Hair
Name Something You’d Need If You’Re Making Apple Pie. Crust
Name something you’d probably never see a mother of a bride wear to her daughter’s wedding. Black dress
Name Something You’d See At A Thrift Store. Clothing
Name Something You’d See At A Very Fancy Restaurant You’d Never Expect To See At McDonalds. Server
Name Something You’d See On A Coffee Table. Book
Name something your boyfriend might do if a guy started hitting on you at a party. Get in a Fight
Name Something Your House Might Smell Like Around The Holidays. Cookies
Name something your mom told you always to do before bed. Brush Teeth
Name Something, Besides A Diaper, You Need To Change A Baby. Wipes
Name Something, Real Or Imaginary, That Might Frighten A Little Kid. Monster
Name somethng every tightrope walker needs to do their job. Pole
Name Somewhere You Can Get Water. Faucet
Name the actor who has taken the most diverse roles. Tom Hanks
Name The Age Most Middle Age Men Would Like To Return To. 25
Name The Age When A Girl Starts Wearing Lipstick. 13
Name The Average Age A Pro Athlete Retires. 35
Name the best flavor of popsicle. Cherry
Name The Best Movie Score. Star Wars
Name the best place for single people to find each other. Bar
Name The Best Place To Pick Up A New Joke. Bar
Name the best place to be when your car breaks down? Home
Name The Best Type Of Cheese To Put On A Cheeseburger. American
Name the day of the week movie theaters are most crowded. Saturday
Name The First Person You Call When You Have Great News. Parent
Name the first thing someone learns how to cook. Eggs
Name the holiday people gain the most weight after. Thanksgiving
Name The Least Offensive Sport If You Forget Your Deodorant. Golf
Name The Least Private Room In Your House. Kitchen
Name The Loudest Animal In The Zoo. Lion
Name The Month Most People Start Shopping For Holiday Presents. November
Name the month when the weather starts to warm up. May
Name The Most Common Christmas Tree Decoration. Lights
Name The Most Difficult Part Of Learning To Drive. Parking
Name The Most Important Part Of A Wedding Ceremony. Exchange Rings
Name The Most Popular Christmas Song. Jingle Bells
Name the most popular Halloween masks. Scream
Name The Most Stressful Holiday. Christmas
Name the one person who is always tough to choose a gift for. Parents
Name The Part Of A Body That People Most Like To Have Massaged. Back
Name The Person You Spend The Most Money On At Christmas. Kids
Name the person you trust most in your life. Parents
Name The Thing In A Movie That Always Makes You Close Your Eyes. Blood
Name The Time Of Day A Person Is Likely To Take A Nap. 2PM
Name The Toughest Part About Owning An Elephant As A Pet. Cleaning Up
Name The Very First Thing People Do When They First Wake Up. Use Restroom
Name The Worst Holiday To Be Born On. Christmas
Name The Worst Movie Starring Arnold Schwazenegger. Kindergarten Cop
Name the worst place to find a hair. Food
Name The Worst Thing That Can Happen In The Snow. Car Accident
Name The Worst Thing You Could Forget On Your Wedding Day. The Ring
Name Type Of Event Where You Often See Scalpers Outside. Concert
Name Type Of Wood Furniture Is Made Of. Oak Maple
Name Your Favorite Disney Animated Movie. The Lion King
Name Your Favorite Filling In A Holiday Candy. Carmel
Name Your Favorite Flavor Of Campbell’s Soup. Chicken Noodle
Name Your Favorite Food With Peanut Butter Inside. Peanut Butter Cup
On A Scale From 1-10, How Happy Do You Think Most People Are. 5
On An Airplane, What Do you Hope The Person Behind You Avoids Doing? Snoring
On An Average Night How Long Does It Take You To Fall Asleep? 1 Hour
Other Than Hello, Which Greeting Do People Commonly Use When Sending A Text Message? Hi
Other Than A Bar, Name A Place Where It's Common To Get Hit On. Work/School
Other Than A Drivers License, Name Something For Which Some People Have Photo Id. Passport
Other Than A Police Officer, Name An Occupation That Has A Badge. Fire Fighter
Other than a weapon, name something a police officer might have for protection. Mace
Other than apples, name a fruit or vegetable that can be either red or green. Peppers
Other Than Lunch, Name A Type Of Break That Employees Take. Smoke
Other Than Santa Claus, Name Someone Else Who Lives At The North Pole. Elves
Past or present, name a legendary singer a lot of performers imitate. Elvis
Past or present, name an actress whose figure is as famous as her face. Marilyn Monroe
Pizza, Name Something A Pizza Place Might Serve. Bread/Cheese Sticks
Real Or Fictional, Name Someone Who Has A Lot Of Muscles. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Real or fictional, name someone who is associated with a whale. Captain Ahab
Tell Me A Decoration You Might See At Someone's Birthday Party. Balloons
Tell Me A Famous Person With The Last Name Nelson. Ricky Nelson
Tell me a food that melts in your mouth. Chocolate
Tell Me A Good Job For Someone Who Likes To Take Care Of People. Nurse
Tell Me A Holiday When Stores Have Special Sales. Christmas
Tell me a kind of food that you order out for. Pizza
Tell Me A Man's Name That Starts With The Leter B. Bob
Tell Me A Movie With The Word ‘Dirty’ In It’s Title. Dirty Dancing
Tell Me A Pet That Lives A Long Time. Dog
Tell me a prank kids pull on Halloween. Egging a House
Tell me a reason why being a rock star might be a great job. Money
Tell Me A Smell Most People Hate. Skunk
Tell Me A Way In Which Your Office Is Kinda Of Like A Soap Opera”. Gossip
Tell me a woman's name that starts with the letter K. Kathy
Tell Me An Excuse A Man Might Give For Showing Up Late For A Date. Stuck In Traffic
Tell Me An Excuse People Give The Police When Pulled Over For Speeding. Didn't Notice Speed
Tell Me An Important Document You'd Hate To Lose In A Fire. Birth Certificate
Tell Me An Occupation In Which It Could Be Disastrous To Fall Asleep On The Job. Truck Driver
Tell Me Another Name Santa Claus Goes By. Saint Nick
Tell me another word for blemish. Zit
Tell Me How Many Beers It Takes The Average Man To Get Drunk. 5
Tell Me How Many Items The Allow In Most Supermarket Express Lines. 10
Tell me how many pairs of shoes are in the average woman's closet. 20
Tell me how many times you hit the snooze bar each morning. 0
Tell me how many TV sets you might find in the average person's home. 3
Tell Me How Much Money A Man Expects To Spend On A Date. $50
Tell me how much you would pay a kid to mow your lawn. 1 Dollar
Tell me how much you would pay a kid to mow your lawn. Twenty Dollars
Tell Me How Old A Woman Is Before She Starts Lying About Her Age. 41
Tell Me Something A Little Boy Might Do To A Little Girl If He Likes Her. Kiss Her
Tell me something a store owner can't sell to a minor. Cigarettes
Tell me something a wife likes to hear from her husband. I Love You
Tell me something people bring to the movies that you wish they'd leave at home. Cell Phone
Tell Me Something People Do To Avoid Catching A Cold. Vitamins
Tell Me Something Sharks Are Known To Eat. People
Tell me something specific that would be up for grabs during a celebrity divorce. House
Tell Me Something That Is Still Classy In Hollywood. Award Shows
Tell Me Something That Makes People Thirsty. Salty Foods
Tell Me Something That's Hard To Do While Driving In The Snow. Stop
Tell me something used in hockey. Puck
Tell Me Something You Can Do With Your Face That's Considered Sexy. Wear Make Up
Tell Me Something You Can't Drive Your Car Without. Gas
Tell Me Something You Could Avoid By Staying Young Like Peter Pan. Wrinkles
Tell Me Something You See A Doctor In A Movie Usually Wearing. Stethoscope
Tell Me Something You Use To Wrap Dishes When Moving. Newspaper
Tell Me Something You Wish Would Stop Growing So You Didn’t Have To Deal With It. Hair
Tell me something you would do if your dinner date had food stuck in her teeth. Tell Her
Tell Me Something You'd Expect Mobster Don Vito Corleone To Do At A Wedding. Shoot Someone
Tell me something you'd need if you wanted to look like Merlin the wizard. Cloak
Tell Me The Age A Man Might Start Losing His Hair. 40
Tell Me The Age Most Kids Learn To Ride A Bike. 5
Tell me the age when a boy goes on his first date. 15
Tell Me The Age When A Child's Last Baby Tooth Falls Out. 12
Tell Me The Age When A Kid Is Too Old To Sit On Santa's Lap. 10
Tell me the age when most kids learn their ABC's. 2
Tell Me The Average Temperature In Fahrenheit At Which People Set Their Thermostat. 70
Tell me the first thing you’d buy if you won money on a gameshow. Car
Tell Me The Hour Of Day When a Grocery Store Is Busiest. 5PM
Tell me the longest you've ever gone without eating. 24 Hours
Tell Me The Number Of People Who Can Ride Comfortably In A Van. 6
Tell me the temperature it has to be for you to start wearing a jacket. 60
Tell Me The Youngest Age When Someone Should Get Married. 20
Tell Me What A Man Does To Cover Up His Bald Spot. Comb Over
Tell Me What Kids Hate Most About School. Homework
Tell Me Which One Of Yuor Five Senses You Rely On The Most. Sight
Tell Me Which Superhero Has The Coolest Costume. Batman
Unlike Flower Girl, name a role you’d be surprised to see a young girl in at a wedding. Bride
We All Know The Grinch Stole Christmas, Name Another Holiday He Might Want To Steal. Thanksgiving
We Asked 100 Eleven Year Olds: Name A Game You Play In A Swimming Pool. Marco Polo
We Asked 100 Husbands: Name Something You Wish Your Wife Would Do Less Of Around The House. Clean
We asked 100 husbands: name something your wife spends more money on than you do. Clothes
We asked 100 married people: how many times in a week does your partner say I love you? 20
We Asked 100 Married People: What Was The Single Hardest Thing To Start Sharing Once You Moved In With Your Partner? Bed
We asked 100 men: If you're not interested in a woman after 3 dates, how do you let her know? Avoid Her
We Asked 100 Men: What Do Some Women Do To Appear Ladylike On A Date, That You Wish They Wouldn't? Wear Lots Of Make Up
We Asked 100 Men: Where Do Women Just Hate To Go? Sports Events
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something You Feel Uncomfortable Wearing In Public, When You Feel You Have 10 Pounds To Lose. Swimsuit
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something You Wouldn't Wait For A Man To Do First If You Liked Him. Kiss Call
We Asked 100 Women: What Do People Often Say About Men That Isn't True In Your Experience? All Dogs/Pigs
What Are A Couch Potato’s Favorite Hobbies? Watching TV
What Are You Always Disappointed To Find In Your Chirstmas Stocking. Coal
What Clubs Would You Imagine Bill Gates Was A Member Of In High School. Computer
What Color Wigs Do You Suspect Cher Might Have. Black
What Could You Find In A Garden Salad, But Not In A Garden. Dressing
What Do People Do While While Watching A Sports Game. Eat Snacks
What do wives give their husbands when they say, hold this for me. Purse
What Do You Suspect About A Person Who Doesn't Smile Much? Sad
What Funny Things Does Your Spouse Do In Their Sleep? Talk
What Happens To Fairy Tale Princesses, But Not To Most Regular People In Love? Happily Ever After
What Happens To Women In A Horror Movies That Prevents Them From Running Away. Trip And Fall
What Is Another Name For A Street? Road
Which Movie Would You Have To Be Paid A Million Dollars To Ever Watch Again. Titanic
Which Of The Seven Dwarfs From Snow White Best Describes Your Significant Other? Sleepy
Which Part Of The Body Can Be Used As A Weapon? Hand
Which room in a bachelor's house most needs cleaning? Bathroom
Which Subject Would Be Taboo For The Best Man To Bring Up In His Wedding Toast. Couple's Love Life
Which Thanksgiving food are you most likely to regret eating? Turkey
Which Tool Would You Not Want To Be Without When Building A House? Hammer
Who Is The First Person You Would Tell If You Got A Date? Best Friend
Who is the first person you'd tell if you got a date? Best Friend
Who Is The Funniest Animated Character Of All Time? Bugs Bunny
Who Was The Worst Oscar Host? David Letterman
Who Would Santa Claus Not Invite To His Christmas Party? Grinch
Why Do Most People Never End Up In Movies? Don't Look Good
Why Might Santa Claus Get Pulled Over If He Took His Sleigh On The Freeway. Speeding
Why Might You Pretend To Be Tired On A Date? Bored
What Is Something Associated With The Movie The Exorcist. Devil
What Is Something That Happens In Bowling That Starts With The Letter S. Strike
What Is The Number Of Keys A Person Has? Five
What is Will Smith's best movie? Men In Black
What Kind Of Comments Do You Think Mike Tyson Had On His Kindergarten Report Card. Poor Social Skills
What kinds of foods and drinks do people acquire a taste for as they get older? Alcohol
What Might a Chain E-Mail Urge You To Do. Forward
What Might A Bankrobber Do In Order To Make An Escape? Run
what might a jilted lover do after a breakup that lands them in court. Stalk
What Might A Man Have In His Bedroom That Tells You He's Still Re-living His High School Days. Old Posters
What might a secret admirer leave on the doorstep? Flowers
What Might A Teenager Do After Breaking Up With Their First Love. Cry
What Might You Name Your Son If You Wanted Him To Grow Up To Be A Magician. Houdini
What Movie Would You Need Plenty Of Kleenex In Order To Watch? Titanic
What Part Of Your Body Gets Tired When You Swim? Arms
What Profession Has The Most Jokes Made About It? Lawyer
What Should You Never Forget To Take To The Beach? Towel
What Would A Single Guy Have To Learn About Laundry. Mixing Colors
What Would A Zoo Need If They Were Keeping King Kong? A Big Cage
What Would Be The Most Embarrassing Thing In Your House To Have Dirty When Company Pops Over? Bathroom
What Would You Be Surprised If It Was Not At A Birthday Party. Cake
What would you name a boy born on Thanksgiving? Tom
What's the best place to be when your car breaks down? Home
When A Man Wears A Toupee, Name Something He Takes It Off To Do. Shower
When going to a wedding, name something you wouldn’t want to leave the house without. Gift
When It's Not Love, Name A Word Used To Describe Strong Romantic Feelings. Lust
When Ordering A Hamburger, Name Something You Might Want Extra Of. Pickles Cheese
When Ordering A Pizza, Name Something Extra You Might Ask For. Cheese
When People Give Up Smoking, Name Another Habit They May Pick Up. Overeating
When taking a message, name a specific piece of information you might ask the caller. Their Name
When You Start Dating A New Person, Name Someone In Their Life You’d Better Get Along With. Parent
When You're Stressed Out, Name The Part Of Your Body Where You Feel It The Most. Head
Where Might People Carpool To. Work
Where Might You Take Someone On A Date If You Wanted To See Them In Less Clothing. Beach
Where were you the last time you sat and waited for someone and were nervous? Hospital
Which Activity Would You Be Shocked To Find A Group Of Nuns Doing. Gambling
Which actor probably acts as immature off-screen as he does on-screen? Adam Sandler
Which article of clothing might you wear if you had a hickey? Turtleneck
Which Celebrity Do You Think Gets The Most Hate Mail? Britney Spears

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